What Is The Home Run Apple For The New York Mets?

What Is The Home Run Apple For The New York Mets?

New York has many nicknames that attract people to it including The Empire State and The Big Apple. Also the city has a nickname, the Big Apple, that makes everyone want to come.

Back in 1971, The New York Mets baseball team was looking for ways to market the team. The team began an apple ad campaign in 1971. However, it wasn’t until 1984 when this ad campaign would become famous.

What MLB Ballpark Has the Home Run Apple?

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Where Do the NY Mets Play Baseball?

Citi Field, originally known as Shea Stadium is the home stadium of the New York Mets. It is located at Flushing Meadows Park, in Queens, New York. It opened on April 13, 1964, and the last game played here was on September 29, 2008. When the Mets finally moved the team to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012, the stadium was renamed Citi Field in their new home city.

When Did the Mets Home Run Apple Start?

Shea Stadium was actually built in 1962 and did not have the home run apple. However, the Mets began adding the structure in the 1980s. Although the structure was not that popular, fans always wanted to see the apple in action. In 2007, though, the Mets decided to retire the home run apple. Despite losing fans, the Mets decided to keep the apple in action, but have it rotate to a different home run apple from time to time.

Where is the Home Run Apple at Citi Field?

The new Apple is on top of the batter’s eye in the right field corner of Citi Field. It is similar the New York Mets home run structure at Citi Field and the Philadelphia Phillies giant liberty bell at Citizens Bank Park. The apple is similar to the Marlins home run structure at LoanDepot Park and the Philadelphia Phillies giant liberty bell at Citizens Bank Park. Both Marlins Park and Citizens Bank Park have their structure go off when their home team hits a home run. All three groups are in the same National League East Division.

What is the Tradition of a Home Run in Citi Field?

The Citi Field apple has become a New York icon, and since the ballpark opened, it has become a Mets tradition. Its success has inspired an apple that appears after a home run. Every time a Mets player hits a home run, the apple goes up and down, much like a cheerleader.

Who Hit the First Home Run at Citi Field

Jed Lowrie of the Boston Red Sox hit his first baseball at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, on April 13, 2009. It was the first of 8 home runs in his career at Citi Field.
Liam Hendricks of the Los Angeles Dodgers hit a walk-off home run on April 6, 2010 to surpass the legendary George Foster as the all-time Mets homer leader in New York’s new home.

The new Mets Ballpark had fences and a field size that were too far from home plate, which caused New York Mets home runs to be rare. In an effort to increase New York Mets home runs, the Mets added a lower, closer field than the previous one, and the outfield fences were brought in.

Interesting Facts about the Mets Apple

After the home run that struct the apple, in the 2015 NLCS against the Chicago Cubs, the Mets and Cubs went back and forth exchanging home runs. It was quite the event to watch a big bandage around the apple. The Mets and Cubs engaged in a battle of home runs all NLCS, even though the Mets didn’t win until the seventh inning of the series finale.

It’s all very nice. But it was hard. The old home run apple was built in a short time-span, and some of the original structure from the original home run apple was removed before the New Stadium opened in 2009. This new home run apple was built on the site of the old apple because of the demolition.

Final Thoughts on the Mets Apple

New York Mets resemble New York City and its history in many ways. Having the blue and orange colors like the Brooklyn Dodgers’ and New York Giants, is a nod to the past teams in the New York area. The Jackie Robinson rotunda echoes the old ballpark, Ebbets Field.

A callout to a bridge is used as the Mets logo on the leftfield wall. The bridge resembles the Bronx/Grand Concourse Bridge that connects the Bronx and Queens. The bridge is seen as the entrance to Citi Field. The road also ties the Mets and the city together.

We’re all aware of the fact that we have to put our cell phones away during games, but you can still watch the action while keeping your phone in your pocket.

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