What Is The Mendoza Line?

What Is The Mendoza Line?

The Mendoza line is a historical statistic that was invented by Roger D. Mendoza, in the year 2000. Now, he is not a Major League Baseball player. He is a statistical researcher working for the Society for American Baseball Research. The Mendoza line is a statistical number that measures a batter’s skill level and determines whether that batter is hitting above or below the Mendoza line. This is a simple term that is used for baseball statistics, and if a batter is below the Mendoza line, that is not a great thing.

What is the Mendoza Line?

Who Was Mario Mendoza?

Mario Mendoza was an important baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Seattle Mariners, and Texas Rangers from 1974 to 1982. But despite his high baseball career, he couldn’t hit.200 for more than five seasons in his career. He’s best season came in 1980 when he hit.245, which is the median batting average.

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Why is the Mendoza Line an Important Benchmark?

What is a Good Batting Average?

Conclusion on the Mendoza Line

Mario Mendoza is a great example of how much things have changed in baseball. While he was a decent role player, batting was the most important thing for managers. Even with a terrible batting average, he had other things that teams would notice. His -2.7 WAR value was below what a good regular at his position would bring in.


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