Why Do Football Players Wear Towels?

Why Do Football Players Wear Towels?

While the purpose of a towel is to dry off, this is not the reason why football players wear them in games. In addition to the towel drying players off, the purpose of a football pants is to protect the knees. The towel is usually worn in the pants for easy access during the game.

What are Football Towels?

Football TOWELS have become quite popular in the NFL in the United States. These are generally made of cotton and have a hole cut in them for the head to go through so that they don’t get in the way of the players hands. These are generally bought by players at the team store and they are given out by team officials to players as a way of saying congratulations or congratulating players on a job well done.

Keep Hands Dry

It’s important for players to practice keeping their hands dry during a game. A wet hand is not only uncomfortable, but it makes grip more difficult. Even during the training sessions, players should practice keeping their hands dry at all times because the conditions may not be the same as when they’re playing in a game.

Fumbling or dropping the ball is a big deal for the offense so it’s important to clean them off as they come in. Especially for the running back, QB, and Wide Receiver positions, you need to make sure you don’t fumble or drop the ball when it comes your way.

Keep the Ball + Hands Clean

Besides getting your hands clean, you also want to keep the ball in a dry state. Playing in the rain can make the ball more slippery, so QBs need to make sure that ball is kept as dry as possible.

If the ball was wet, a QB could also use a rag to dry it off before throwing.

Style and Appearance are Critical

If you’re a football fan and you want to be able to match your team’s colors, you might want to purchase a football towel. Not only do these towels match your team’s colors, but you can keep them close to you, or even wear them on a hot summer day. If you get the right towel, you’ll be able to show your team spirit off to the world.

Where Is The Best Place (Position) To Wear a Towel In Football?


* There are two basic kinds of towels.
* The first kind is a plain towel. This is because one does not have the opportunity to color them when they are young, so they are often in white.
* The second kind is what I call a “colorful towel”. Many of these towels are made of an artificial fabric that comes in a multitude of colors. It is more likely to be seen in a baby’s towel.

Running Backs

The receivers will be covered closely throughout the game, so they will need to be able to catch a pass anywhere on the field. So, you will see receivers frequently rubbing their hands to get them ready for catches. In addition to keeping their hands dry, they will also use a towel and handwarmer to get them ready for catching passes.

Wide Receivers

Wide receivers often choose to wear a towel to help clean any dirt off their gloves, sticky hands, or face shield. This is a great way to clean off your visor or face mask and help prevent any water spray on your visor from making your face mask crack and fall apart.


The quarterback’s signal for the center to step up and snap the ball is a hand off. All the offensive lineman step into the huddle and give a signal to the center to step in front of the quarterback and snap the ball.

What Position Does Not Wear Towels?

The most important football equipment is your footwear. You want to wear some sturdy shoes that are comfortable. You want the shoes to be able to hold up to the hard wear and tear associated with the game. You also want to wear them for a long time to be able to play football as long as possible during the season. You want to avoid wearing shoes that can cause injury to your feet, because you can get foot injuries from playing football. You also want to avoid wearing shoes that have a lot of cleats because they may get stuck in mud or the ground, which can limit your movement and hamper your play.

When Do Football Players Dry Their Hands?

Players use water to remove sweat from their hands during a football game, when they are inside the huddle. Players also use water to remove sweat from their hands on the sidelines of the football field, when they are outside the huddle.

Tom Brady Uses a Towel During Games

When Tom Brady was a quarterback of the New England Patriots, he had an old team uniform which had a hole in it, so he would use a towel to cover up the hole. His teammates never noticed because they were watching the game. This is not the case anymore as he no longer wears a towel to cover the hole.

What About Fans Waving Towels?

During the 2009 AFC Championship football game between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Patriots were coming to Heinz Field for the first time since Super Bowl XLII. When the Patriots were leading the game 35-21 and the Steelers were driving with just over three minutes left, the fans started waving their Terrible Towels in the air.

Conclusion about Football Towels

Some people think that athletes should stop wearing a towel and just cover up because they don’t like what they see. I don’t think that athletes should stop wearing a towel during a game because I know for a fact if they did that they would just get dirty.

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