Why Do Soccer Fans Sing?

Why Do Soccer Fans Sing?

Soccer fans chant during the national anthem just as they would during any other sporting event. However, it is also common to chant during time-outs and breaks in the first half. Furthermore, chanting takes place in situations that could be considered inappropriate, such as when an opposing player is injured or when a referee makes a call that could lead to a penalty. Finally, it is not uncommon for soccer fans to make statements about the opposing team on the field.

There are several types of fans in soccer. One of the fans is the “neutral” fan. They don’t care for either team. They will boo and shout at the players. Another type of fan is the “supporter.” They will usually cheer for their team. The last type of fan will chant. This type of fan is usually associated with the opposing team. Chanting can usually be heard during the halftime of the match.

A Brief History of Soccer Singing

The “Terrible Towel” was thought up in 1972 by a Philadelphia Eagles fan at a time when the Flyers were playing the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. The Eagles lost that game and when the Celtics’ fans began carrying their towels around during the game, the team decided to make their own fan’s own symbol. The Eagles took it and put it on their stadium. Today, the Towel is a symbol of Philadelphia and of football.

The first song that mentioned soccer was “The Dooley Fitba Club” or “Fitba Crazy” during the Scotting Cup. In that song, the lyrics mentioned soccer which was sung in music halls during that time.

The first song that actually spelled the word football was “The Dooley Fitba Club” or “Fitba Crazy” which happened in 1887. This song was sung in music halls during that time.

A Change in the 1960s

National anthems grew in popularity, and so did singing in the stadium. Fans of the team would sing the anthem in unison with the players before the game. It is an important part of the game, and it is also an important part of the culture.

Fans began chanting when scoring on a goal. The chant was started after a goal, a goalkeeper stopped a goal, or other such events. There was one special chant which only the fans could hear. This chant was called “Ole, ole, ole” which means good or beautiful. It was used for the top players.

Why Do Fans Sing During Games in Soccer Today?

The atmosphere increases with the number of viewers.
More so, with the introduction of mass communication, teams try to influence the audience with chants, songs, and the use of music.

They also use the game atmosphere to attract sponsors.

Singing the National Anthem + Team Football Anthem

Football fans often sing the national anthem of their country or of their favourite football team in the stadium before games. Such songs are used to show their patriotism in a sporting event.

Boosting the Morale of their Team

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Fans can sing their favorite songs during a match. It is a great way to get the crowd excited and boost their team’s morale when they are losing.

Stressing out the Opposing Club

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Examples of creating a tense environment would be cheering when a star player is injured. A similar one would be cheering when the opponent scores, and a fan cheers every person on the team, regardless of position, as they come off the bench.

Reacting to a Bad Call by the Referee

Fans of the opposing team will chant to unnerve referees, often causing more calls to go against their team. In turn, the referee will be less willing to make the same call in the future, and more likely to make it in their favor.

Bringing a Sense of Comradery with Other Soccer Fans

Soccer games are special because of the chants and songs that go with it. Whether it is your first time going to a soccer game, or your one hundredth, there is something special about being around thousands of fans rooting on your home team.

You can check out the video and lyrics for yourself at the link below.

This video is the latest installment of the Soccer Lyrics series by the popular soccer fan and soccer writer, Sean Durbin.

Atmosphere Chanting

It is not uncommon for fans to bring in their own music to games. This is done using a variety of instruments such as horns, drums, guitars, cellphones and more.

Is there any Controversy with Singing or Chanting in Soccer?

This match was suspended for inappropriate behavior during the game.
Pep Guardiola described the incident as “totally unacceptable.”
This incident was the result of the crowd’s inappropriate behavior.

How Does the Singing Begin / Who Starts it at Soccer Games?

Typically, the most vocal and die-hard fans begin the chants during the game. Usually, these fan are very close to each other, standing with hands interlocked, singing loudly to the rest of the fans not to join.

Do Other Sports in the United States Have Singing?

“Take me out to the Ballgame, take me out to the Ballgame” is a country song made famous by American composer and guitarist Guy Lombardo, though in the United States it is often referred to as “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” It is usually played during the seventh inning stretch of the baseball game, and is considered to be the closest any of the major sports gets to the fans singing, thus making it a great opportunity for casual fans to participate.

Songs have been incorporated into stadiums as part of the history. For example, at Yankee Stadium, they have YMCA. They have a song for some sports teams, like the Red Sox, songs for the Yankees, Mets, and Red Sox.

Popular Club Songs Today

Conclusion: Why Do Soccer Fans Sing

The next time you go to a football stadium, it will be good to hear people singing before, during, and after the match. Listen carefully to what they are saying.

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