Why Is Gillette Stadium So Far From Boston?

Why Is Gillette Stadium So Far From Boston?

The stadium in Foxborough was originally the home of the New York Giants. The city changed its name to New York in 1883. The stadium was called the Polo Grounds. When the Giants moved the team back to New York after the 1957 season, they moved the stadium across the New Jersey border. The stadium had to be renamed the Giants Stadium in order to keep naming rights. The stadium was renamed and became the home stadium of the New York Football Giants in MetLife stadium. The first game ever played in Gillette Stadium was between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.

What is Foxborough, Massachusetts?

The Foxborough area is home to the New England Patriots, their training facility and the New England Patriots Hall of Fame. The team was founded in 1966 and is the most successful sports franchise in the United States with an incredible record of 27-0 with a single exception.

Why did the Patriots change from Boston to New England?

“The Boston Patriots would like to make a new stadium in Boston. We have looked at several potential locations, one of which is the current location of the Boston Red Sox.” So, the Patriots and Red Sox had a partnership for a stadium in Boston, just before the Patriots took over for the Red Sox.

During the NFL’s expansion in 1966, the Houston Astros of the American League signed a multi-year deal with MLB to become the Houston Colt 45s. The team was supposed to play at Yale Bowl in Houston, which would have been perfect venue for the Patriots, but the stadium burned down prior to the team’s first game. The Patriots were so close to having a home, the team looked to move the games to a larger venue.

The First Official Home

The city of Foxborough, Massachusetts was originally known as Foxborough and was located in the town of Foxborough. The team was originally granted a home field advantage in 1951 by the National Football League (NFL) due to the Foxboro Stadium being located in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Since the Patriots began playing at the stadium in 1971, the NFL and local officials made Foxboro Stadium into the first outdoor regular season NFL football venue. Foxboro Stadium served as the home field for the Patriots until 2002.

How Far Away is Gillette Stadium from Boston?

The traffic situation is often worse on game days. The normal traffic pattern for the event involves a clockwise loop surrounding the stadium. The direction of travel from the stadium to the local highway is about a half hour drive. To access the highway, most fans leave the stadium about an hour or more before the game.

As the Patriots begin their 2017 season there are many things fans can look forward to. The first is the matchup with the Steelers. The rematch of the AFC Championship is the most anticipated game of the season. This will be the first time the Pats and Steelers square off since the 2016 AFC Championship.

Another Look at Downtown Boston

The Boston Harbor is one of the largest harbors in the United States of America. The Boston Harbor has many docks and a large amount of ships sailing over it, making it a perfect place for a stadium. The Seaport is also a very quiet, calm, and peaceful place. So the idea to build a stadium in this area was great.

The idea of Boston, MA getting a replacement for Fenway Park and New England Patriots Stadium was a proposal by Boston City Council back in 2009 as a replacement to the old and falling away Fenway Park. The proposal was later scrapped but the hope of moving the two stadiums together was still alive.

A New Venue in Foxborough

 The president of the club posted a photo of the club where a soccer game is being played.

Upside of Foxborough, Massachusetts

The Revolution is also a good example of a professional sports team that plays in a soccer stadium. Gillette Stadium allows the New England Patriots NFL Team to be a part of the New England area by offering the opportunity to play on a football field. This allows fans to go to Gillette Stadium to support the Patriots in a football setting while still supporting the New England Revolution on the soccer field.

There is a lot of parking in Foxborough. Some people tailgate at the entrance of the lot. It’s not unusual for concerts and soccer games to be held on the parking lots. TD Garden and Gillette are in a giant parking lot. Visit this site to get the proper parking information.

A benefit of playing home games in Foxborough is that you can expand the venue. For example, fans can check out memorabilia from great Patriot players like Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork, and Adam Vinatieri.

Downside of Foxborough

the Patriots’ new stadium, Gillette Stadium, is a very nice place. It has lots of space and a beautiful view of the area. The Patriots can still use the same roads and parking lots as they did when they first moved there in 2001. Fans can park near the stadium and then walk across a bridge to get to the venue. It is hard to drive by, but it is not difficult to get to. The traffic is still flowing smoothly and there is some parking, so fans are not too concerned about getting to the stadium.


The New England Patriots have played in their current venue for 28 seasons. In their initial years, they played at Fenway Park and Alumni Stadium in Boston. They have had success in these different venues, with 9 Super Bowls to their credit. With their new venue, Foxborough Stadium, they have had trouble. In their first year, they failed to make the playoffs, losing in the first round to the Los Angeles Rams. The following year, they struggled with a 4-12 record, making it their worst season in over three decades. The next few years didn’t look much better, as the team went 7-9 twice, but a decade of mediocrity followed.

[Original] Gillette Stadium parking is where you can park for the Pats home game
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