How to Set Up Channels on Smart TV – The Ultimate Guide

How to Set Up Channels on Smart TV – The Ultimate Guide

Smart TVs are now a reality for many homes. With this new technological advancement, comes the question of how to set up channels on smart TV? 

With the popularity of smart TV increasing at an alarming rate, it’s no surprise that users want to watch content from channels of interest. The only problem is that there are several options for TV channels and some may require more technical knowledge and vice versa. 

Down the road, if you’re new to your smart device it’s important to know how to set up channels on your new TV. 

So, if you want to optimize your smart TV experience and set it up with all the relevant television networks, then read ahead!

How to Set Up Channels on Smart TV – The Easy Way:

Know Your TV Brand:

The first step is to know your brand and model number of your TV. Eventually, it will help you find the right settings and instructions.

Go to Settings > System > Advanced settings. Here, you can adjust all the advanced settings on your TV.

You may have to go through several screens before you reach the advanced settings menu, but it is worth it.

Begin Searching For Channels:

To set up your TV, you’ll need to search for channels.

1. Press the Menu button on your remote to open the menu screen.

2. Scroll down to “System” and select it by pressing left or right on your remote until it’s highlighted in blue, then press OK.

3. Scroll down to “Channels” and select it by pressing left or right on your remote until it’s highlighted in blue, then press OK again.

4. Use the up/down arrows to scroll through all the available channels until you find one that interests you (Channel 4 is one example). Now press OK or Skip if necessary to move on to step 5 below or if you want to try another channel, just repeat these steps again with a new channel selected instead of using a different one as an example).

5. You can use CyberGhost VPN Smart TV to download restricted channels in your country. To do this, simply install a VPN and open the store on your TV. From there, you will see restricted channels like BBC One and so on.

Set Up The Channel Memorization:

You’ll need to set up a list of channels you want your TV to remember. Depending on the TV, this can be done with a button or menu option.

If you’re using a smart TV from Samsung, LG or Sony, then you can use their apps to set up these channels by following these steps:

1) Open the TV app on your smart TV and go to Settings > My Home > My Channels. Press Menu (or long press on an empty space) > Add Channel.

2)  Find the name of the channel (i.e., HBO) and press OK when done.

3) Press Menu (or long press on an empty space) > Search Channels or Press All Channels if it isn’t already selected.

4) Select your new channel from the list of available channels and press OK when done.

Find Channels You Want To Add:

The next step is to find your favorite channels you want to add.

Look for the channel in the Channel Guide or on a list of channels at the bottom of your TV screen.

If you’re using a remote control, press the Menu button and select Home > Channels > Add Channels. Also, you can add Channels from the menu from app on your smartphone or tablet.

If you don’t see that option, try searching for the channel by name or selecting from one of its categories on your TV’s main menu (Settings > General > My Channels).

Select Whether To Skip The Channel During Channel Surfing:

To set up a channel that you can use to skip the current channel, follow these steps:

  • Press the Q. Button on your remote control and select Info.
  • Select Channel List.
  • Select Channel List Settings.
  • Select Skip during channel surfing.

Set Up A Favorite Channels List:

Open the Smart Hub by navigating to the Apps entry and then selecting Smart Hub.

From the Smart Hub, select Settings > Favorites > Set Up My Favorite Channels List.

You can enter up to 50 favorite channels to save for later viewing in most Smart TVs. If you’re not sure which channels you want to add, start with your favorite channel list options like HBO or SuperSport, then add additional ones as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to set Up Wi-Fi on your smart TV?

Turn on the TV and connect to your home network with a router. You can also connect wirelessly through an Ethernet cable if you have an access point that lets you do so in your home. Note that some TVs will have different settings for connecting wirelessly or with a cable connection.

How to set up your remote control?

With the correct batteries, you’ll be able to use the remote control for basic functions like turning on/off the TV, adjusting volume and changing channels (if available). If not, then use the included documentation to set up the remote properly before using it for more advanced functions like changing inputs (e.g., from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2) or watching video files from connected devices (e.g., USB drives).

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