Signing Up for Social Networks with Virtual Phone Numbers

Signing Up for Social Networks with Virtual Phone Numbers

It is difficult to imagine someone not using social networks these days. Such platforms are needed in order to keep in touch with friends and relatives, reach out to the target audience, promote various products, build cooperation with potential partners and perform many other different tasks. So in many cases having a single account on a certain social media website becomes not enough. On the face of it, this problem seems to be pretty easy to solve. However, out of this always comes another issue as almost all such platforms require users to complete mobile verification when dealing with registration and usually each person has at his disposal only one phone number available.

Purchasing a new SIM card for each profile is not a good idea for sure. Besides the fact that it takes a lot of time, it is also kind of expensive. Also, in many countries, mobile service operators do not issue more than one SIM card to each person. But there is definitely no need to be down. You can easily sign up for social media networks with the help of a virtual online phone number and do it as many times as necessary since there are no quantitative restrictions on the use of such a feature.

Reasons to start using virtual phone numbers

Virtual numbers have long proven to be an effective tool for registering accounts on various websites as well as both mobile and computer applications. Though there is nothing accidental about it. This service brings to the table a few notable benefits which make it so much popular. In view of the foregoing, virtual phone numbers are:

  • Relatively cheap. The price of a virtual number for single registration depends on the country of its issue and the service that it is supposed to work with. However, it does rarely exceed the one dollar mark and thereby is way cheaper than a SIM card that usually costs several times as much.
  • Maximally confidential in use. It is not needed at all to provide any sort of personal data in order to get and activate a virtual phone number. Each user of such service remains completely anonymous and does not have to worry about possible data hacks or leakages resulting in all his confidential information ending up in hands of fraudsters.
  • Can be purchased by any person. Obtaining a virtual number in any country does not require running a business, working for a large commercial company, or having any special permission. There is also no need to go anywhere like in the case of buying a new SIM card from a cell phone carrier as it works over the internet. So this feature is available to anyone from anywhere in the world.

In addition, virtual phone numbers are simple to use. If ten years ago they were operated only by people with knowledge of mobile programming and technologies, these days this feature is available for usage by everyone as services that provide them have a user-friendly design and are easy to navigate. It is difficult to face any issue when dealing with it even for newcomers.

Supported social media sites

Everyone who starts working with virtual numbers usually wonders about what sites and apps they support. For example, those trying to sign up for email services wonder if they are available only for registration in Gmail or also suitable for creating accounts on Yahoo, AOL, ProtonMail, and other less popular platforms for receiving and sending emails. The same thing happens when it comes to using virtual phone numbers for signing up for social media sites.

Though there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Since virtual numbers can be used with any online service that has a phone number verification feature, they are also suitable for usage with any social network. You can use them without any restrictions to register multiple profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites of this type as well as instant messaging applications for chatting such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and so on. The options for use of virtual phone numbers are unlimited.

Creating an account on any social network with a virtual number

The first and most important step in this task is to get a virtual phone number. It is not really as difficult as it may sound for inexperienced users. In order to perform this, it is only necessary to visit a specialized online service that does provide virtual numbers for receiving SMS such as SMS-Man. It takes completing a few steps to take advantage of such a feature with it:

1. Sign up for the website and verify your new profile by clicking the link sent to the email address entered by you during registration.

2. Log in to the platform with your credentials and proceed to the payment tab.

3. Choose one of the presented payment methods and top up your balance with it.

4. Open the front page of the service and find a section with countries. Choose the country of issue for your virtual phone number.

5. Scroll the page a little bit down to the window with websites and applications. There you need to pick the social network that you are going to sign up for.

6. Click the purchase button to get a virtual number with chosen parameters.

7. Copy obtained phone number.

Then it is just a small matter. You only need to enter the purchased virtual phone number on the registration page of the selected social network and send a verification code to it. Once it is sent, go back to the SMS-Man site and click on the “Get SMS” button. There will appear a set of digits that is used to create an account. In order to register another profile just get a new virtual number by repeating the steps from above and use it the same way as the previous one. There is nothing difficult about it at all.

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