Technological inventions : the best of 2022

Technological inventions : the best of 2022

For a long time now, new technologies have played a major role in our daily lives and have become embedded in the smallest details of our lives. Many innovations have been introduced or refined in 2022.

These include the Meta Group’s metaverse, NFT, blockchain, bots and cryptocurrencies. All these technologies are announced as revolutionary in the near future, let’s have a closer look on the 4 most outstanding ones.

The Metaverse

Last year Mark Zuckerberg set his sights on the future by unveiling a new name “Meta” for his company formerly known as Facebook, explaining that it must now break free from these limitations. In its simplest definition, the metaverse refers to a virtual twin world accessed through immersive technologies, including virtual goggles.

It can also be described as a perfect fusion between the real and virtual worlds. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the Metaverse will be nothing less than the dizzying future of the internet.

The construction of the metaverse will be done step by step by Facebook, but also by the users. The first thing they will have to do is to create their virtual home, a bit like in Second Life, the ancestor of persistent connected worlds. From that moment on, you can find yourself in the place of your choice thanks to virtual reality, such as a cottage with a beautiful view of the sea or why not an orbital station.

To make this metaverse a success, the Meta group is banking on its Horizon platform, with Home, World and Workroom and a tool that allows users to create their environment, a bit like the VR version of Minecraft.

As a result, users will be able to meet up with friends to chat, work or have good time like playing on the best paying casino online, videogames or even football and basketball !


NFTs are what we call non-fungible tokens. What is non-fungible? Something is called fungible when it is interchangeable. From this point on, we can say that an NFT is a single token that cannot be replaced by another. It is simply a digital certificate dedicated to a single digital object or work. The NFT validates the authenticity of an item.

For example, if you purchase an art painting, the NFT will represent the paper certificate proving that not only is the painting original, but that you are the rightful owner. The big difference here is that everything is dematerialized and secured by blockchain technology, the same technology used to secure cryptocurrencies.

What can you buy with NFTs? Anything and everything! You could buy houses, works of art, and many others. For example, at Christie’s, the famous auction house, a painting in digital format sold for $69.3 million in the spring, even though it was priced at $100. 

The Ameca robot

Seen in a 40-second clip on Youtube, the Ameca robot, created by the company Engineered Arts, is at the heart of the various debates. This new, extremely realistic humanoid robot is capable of displaying human and natural expressions never seen in other robots.

In the video, which has more than 10 million views. Ameca can be seen displaying a variety of facial expressions, from surprise, confusion and smiles, and even making a welcoming gesture. The Engineered Arts robot has a head, face, neck, arms, and articulated hands, but does not yet appear to be able to walk.

Tesla Bot

Tesla Bot is one of Tesla’s most spectacular projects. Of course, this project, the first sketches of which have been unveiled, will not lead to a commercialization any time soon.

The company’s CEO has stated that the bot’s function will be to provide daily assistance to professionals and private individuals alike. Presented in human form and equipped with artificial intelligence developed by the company, the latest-generation humanoid robot, Tesla Bot, will be about 1.72 metres tall and weigh 56 kilos. It will have a maximum speed of 8 km/h and excellent vision of its environment. 

Tesla Bot will be a conscious, friendly servant and will be able to easily integrate into today’s society. Its main mission will be to perform more or less dangerous, repetitive and boring actions in place of humans.

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