The Best Lakota Horse Trailer with living quarters: Overview and Alternatives (2023)

The Best Lakota Horse Trailer with living quarters: Overview and Alternatives (2023)

Any equestrian is an adventurer; thus, it is unnecessary to explain this. People who enjoy riding horses frequently enjoy traveling and exploring the huge tracts of countryside found across the nation. Simply said, there are no words to describe the delight of being on a horse in an endless green field in an unfamiliar rural area distant from home.

Despite the fact that this is true, you must bring your horses along if you want to enjoy the thrill and excitement of horseback riding. In addition to travel and adventure, there are many more reasons why individuals would need to transport their horses from across the country.

It could be a festival, a horse-riding competition, or a horse show. Regardless of the cause, transporting your horses takes careful planning and the appropriate equipment. And when it comes to transporting horses, horse trailers will continue to be the most popular choice among equestrians.

A living area horse trailer is, in the opinion of experts, the best choice if you want to travel with your horses in a smooth, comfortable, and fun manner.

The top horse trailers with accommodation ever are highlighted in the next section of this article. Therefore, this is exactly what you must read if you want to buy one for yourself, your horses, and on a trip in the near future.

The Lakota‘s Commitment to Innovation

The team at Lakota is made up of individuals with years of expertise in the travel trailers manufacturing sector. Many of our concepts have their origins in other towable recreational vehicle sectors, which need the same level of dexterity and inventiveness to find a balance among comfort and usefulness. Based on these principles, they created an all-aluminum horse trailer that’s also tailored to the actual needs of the horse and owner. You may anticipate revolutionary requirements and additional features that are uncommon in the horse trailer business in the upcoming years.

Why? Lakota aims to provide practical elements that make a living with horses more convenient. They are more capable than most other companies in terms of quality dealers, suppliers, and competencies.

Compared with other horse trailer manufacturers, we have superior dealers, suppliers, and capabilities.

  • The Lakota’s living spaces and trailers are constructed under one roof, eliminating the need for converters. This ensures the finest overall fit and finish.
  • Lakota provides more Essential Standards at a more reasonable bundled price than more pricey choices. In terms of quality and value, Lakota outperforms the competition on an apples-to-apples basis.
  • A solitary 7-Year structural guarantee in addition to a 1-Year substance warranty is included with Lakota’s premium aluminum horse trailers.
  • Sidewalls made of aluminum tubing rather than the C-Channel design used by many other companies are one of the numerous basic trailer features offered by Lakota. Lakota is now 33% harder than the industry average for horses.

Lakota pays close attention to application, durability, and precision, which is pleasant to an experienced horse owner. More workable options for pros and trail riders are a result of Lakota’s creativity. Great instances of how to comfort may be attained in both smaller and bigger versions include the HUT and Grande.

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The Top Alternative Brands You Can Choose From:

  1. Double D Trailers’ Trail Blazer 2 Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

The best Lakota horse trailer with a living quarter alternative is the TrailBlazer 2 Horse Trailer from Double D Trailers. It has to be the first and most prominent name on the list. It is simply the greatest horse trailer ever made in every way, making it one of the best ever produced. This is the one you can pick without a shadow of a doubt if you’re thinking about purchasing a two-horse trailer with living space. 

In the world of horse trailers, Double D Trailers is a well-known, reputable, and extremely well-liked brand. In the United States and Canada, they have a large selection of horse trailers. The company sells highly personalized, high-quality items that are available in a huge variety.

  • The Trail Blazer is, without a doubt, a standout among horse trailers featuring living quarters.
  • It is ideal for equestrians who need to bring two horses on something like a long trip and also want to enjoy a pleasant ride.
  • This horse trailer’s salient characteristics include:
  • A 7′ short wall that can be altered to a 9′ low wall.
  • There is also a reversing load option available.
  • Cabinets with vinyl wraps are included in the interiors.
  • The entire layout may be altered by customers to suit their own needs and tastes.
  • It is 80 inches wide as normal (without wheel wells in the horse area) and 8 feet wide as an option.
  • It has a “no leak” roof system made of Safetack Fibre-composite and Z-Frame technology.
  • A fold-out sleeping couch is included inside the car as standard equipment.
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  1. Horse trailer Lonestar

Luxury is best illustrated by this Lonestar horse trailer with housing arrangements. A queen-size mattress, a BTU heater, two screen TVs, a music system, and a ton of storage space are just a few of the conveniences that make it the ultimate in luxury and convenience for extended trips. It also comes with a fully covered aluminium underbelly.

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  1. Custom Trail Boss Living Quarters

Horse trailers that are entirely personalized are available from the company Trail Boss. Horse trailers from Trail Boss are constructed specifically for your needs and are tailored from the ground up, unlike other “buy as-is” goods on this list. With Trail Boss, you may define every detail of your personalized living quarters horse trailer, including what you need and don’t need. Additionally, they have a design center online. The company is renowned for its stunning ballroom, western, and rustic-inspired works.

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  1. Mobile Suites for 2017

A horse trailer with more room and a variety of contemporary, opulent amenities than conventional trailers, measuring 40 feet in length and 8.5 feet in breadth. The ideal living space consists of a large bedroom, a well-equipped kitchen, and a living room.

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     5. Horse Trailer with Hay Pod, Equine Motorcoach

The Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer could be what you need if you want to move up to six horses. This enormous RV and horse trailer have a 40,000-pound towing capacity. Horses may ride in luxury in a sleek mobile stable that is customizable for direct load or tilt, has plenty of gear storage, and has options for two to six stalls. Additionally, there is a hay pod outside and lots of storage. The first-class living spaces come with a variety of improvements that you can pick from. 

Awnings, maple cabinetry, a skylight above the bathroom, heated flooring, extra slide-outs, a 43″ Qled television, DVD player, stereo, and speakers are a few of the amenities. All the space you’ll need to appreciate this journey with your horses is provided by the spacious inside. This incredible motorcoach contains everything you need without the need for several vehicles and trailers with numerous drivers.

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      6. Villa Featherlite Country Estate

The Country Estate Villa, a 53′ model, offers accommodations of the highest caliber. An electric fireplace, copper pedestal sink, solid maple cabinets, a burner stove, wood floors, a 32-inch flat-screen tv, XM Satellite Radio, and other upmarket amenities can be found in the living room. 

In addition to having top-notch functionality, this trailer also lets you personalize the design and features. A second TV, refrigerator drawers to store drinks, a heated water spigot for brewing coffee and tea, as well as an 18-foot canopy for weather protection are all included in the outside entertainment space. This trailer’s interior living space is a whopping 33′ long and has four slide-outs for additional accommodation. 

Additionally, your horses have to travel in comfort. In addition to managers and a no-slip spray-on flooring liner, they offer unique, superior stall mats. A three-horse upper-deck slanted load space is present. A one-horse straight load space with a variable stall layout is also available behind the living quarters, where it is possible to keep a golf cart if necessary. 

This Featherlite horse trailer has everything you could possibly need and more!

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      7. Cimarron Trailer Living Quarters

When you can create your own custom trailer to suit your needs, why buy one off the lot? Look no farther than Cimarron trailer Living Quarters if this appeals to you. With more than 15 unique floor layouts and styles, this firm gives all the luxury amenities in the living area that many other trailer manufacturers offer. 

There are several selections available, and they offer a sizable photo gallery. Furthermore, their style center can assist you in choosing your design theme, color scheme, and feature preferences. It also illustrates how to make the greatest use of the available space.

Since they have been creating personalized trademark interiors for more than 30 years, they are able to provide you with step-by-step guidance and understand what clients appreciate.

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      8. Bumper Pull for Sundowner Charter SE 2

Although the Sundowner Charter technically isn’t a horse trailer with a living area, it undoubtedly is convenient to have a small horse trailer when traveling to local events that don’t require an overnight stay. The Sundowner 2 Horse Bumper Pull is their most popular horse trailer, according to our friends at Ken Feagin Truck & Trailer, and for a good reason. With its 7’6″ height and industry-leading construction quality, the Sundowner provides enough space for big horses. The included features offer a smooth ride and enough ventilation. 

This trailer is made entirely of aluminum, which gives it a fantastic appearance and the advantage of being a lightweight trailer to tow. This horse trailer is built to last and comes with an 8-year guarantee on the main trailer frame. Your family, including your horse, will benefit from your investment in a horse trailer with living quarters. The selections we’ve provided here provide you with a wide range of enticing choices for your trip endeavors.

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      9. Outlaw Platinum Coach

The Platinum Coach Outlaw trailer is a terrific choice for you if you’re looking for a reasonably priced solution with cozy and practical conveniences. It not only has space for a maximum of five horses; however, it also has amazing amenities like a sleeping couch and an HDTV in the living area. Additionally, there is a sizable tack room with unique side windows for each of your horses. It’s impossible to match this affordable choice that meets your needs.

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    10. 48-foot 7-horse trailer from Rivenlee

With this remarkably comfortable horse trailer which can accommodate seven horses, you have access to anything you need. With a master bedroom and bathroom, a self-leveling system, a kids’ bedroom, and a host of other cutting-edge conveniences, this horse trailer is quite opulent and has a wonderful living area.

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     11. Bloomer 4-Horse Trailer of 2016

The 2016 Bloomer 4-Horse Trailer is one of the most opulent and roomy horse trailers with living accommodations, measuring 36′ 8″ in length and an impressive 8′ in width. With many conveniences, the kitchen may be a standout feature and provide the ideal home environment for preparing delectable meals while traveling.

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    12. Bloomer Brand Trailer from 2015

This trailer by Bloomer is a fantastic horse trailer with living quarters that tends toward the “extremely pricey” side. The trailer is 8.45 feet in length. The trailer has plenty of facilities, along with a freezer, convection microwave oven, refrigerator, kitchen sink, stove, two screen TVs, and a ton of storage space. It can accommodate up to 4 people. 

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Any equestrian or adventure enthusiast looking for the ideal living quarters-equipped horse trailer to slake their desire for travel and adventure will undoubtedly discover the ideal horse trailer that meets their requirements, finances, and expectations. 

It is extremely necessary for you to have a horse trailer which can accommodate your horse and also your daily living. This list of the top horse trailers with living quarters can help you locate anything, including a mix of everything you need, from elegance to simplicity as well as price.

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