Why do we need sustainable packaging in the pharma industry?

Why do we need sustainable packaging in the pharma industry?

In the last few years, there has been a shift in the packaging preferences in the pharmaceutical industry. Slowly but surely, pharma companies are looking for ways to embrace sustainability, ditch plastics, and switch to eco-friendly packaging alternatives

The drastic change is not an uncommon occurrence considering the fact companies from all other fields have adopted sustainable practices. And also, client expectations and demands for environmentally safe packaging are through the roof.

Keep on reading to learn more about all the reasons we need eco-friendly packaging in the pharma industry and the significance of sustainability. 

The importance of sustainability 

Going sustainable is a wonderful way for pharma brands to stay relatable in a competitive market where consumers genuinely care about their health and the environment’s welfare. Embracing sustainability allows you to save money, become more socially responsible, promote ethical work practices, protect the environment, and preserve natural resources. 

Sustainable packaging is a great first step toward lowering your carbon footprint, reducing waste accumulation, and reversing the processes that cause climate change. Through eco-friendly packaging, pharma companies can also educate patients on recycling, composting, and safe waste disposal. 

In addition, sustainable packaging is non-toxic and biodegradable. Meaning it will naturally dissolve when thrown away, instead of harming wildlife and polluting air, land, and oceans for hundreds of years to come.

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Sustainable packaging in the pharma industry

Creating products longer

Sustainable packaging is important for business continuity. It’s no secret that plastic packaging vastly depletes natural resources like water, energy, as well as non-renewable supplies. On the other hand, the production and processing of sustainable packaging require less use of resources. 

That ensures pharma companies can continue creating medical products for a longer period of time without worrying about environmental consequences such as natural resource depletion.

Manage natural resources scarcity 

On top of what we said before, sustainable packaging helps manage natural resource scarcity and ensures efficient resource conversion. Thanks to the low-impact production procedures and the massive amount of recycled materials used in sustainable packaging, pharma companies are able to preserve natural resources and conserve raw materials. 

Healthy communities

Unfortunately, there are numerous studies backing the fact that long-term exposure to certain BPA chemicals, epoxy resins, and other toxic substances present in plastic packaging is detrimental to human health. It also raises the risks of different diseases. 

At the same time, sustainable packaging is non-toxic and completely health-safe. With that in mind, eco-friendly packaging solutions in the pharmaceutical field promote healthy communities and product safety. This also makes certain medical products that utilize sustainable packaging more desirable than others that don’t.

Non-toxic environment

In addition, we have to mention that the staff working in plastic packaging production are constantly exposed to toxic substances and harmful emissions. Continuous exposure to these kinds of chemicals is very unhealthy and can lead to long-term health problems. 

As for the workers in sustainable packaging facilities, the health risks for them are significantly lower as they are not working in a toxic environment, nor are exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals. 

Better brand image

Last but not least, switching to sustainable pharmaceutical packaging will help you gain a better reputation. People love companies that put patients’ health and safety, and the well-being of the planet first. 

Going green with your packaging in an industry that thrives on plastic medicine containers will surely set you apart and provide you with a huge competitive advantage and build you an image of an eco-conscious pharma company.

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