Five Useful Tools in 2022 That Will Help You Stay Organized Online

Five Useful Tools in 2022 That Will Help You Stay Organized Online

Time is the great equalizer. If you haven’t realized it, you clock the same 24-hour cycle as Beyonce and Elon Musk.

But no matter how rich we are, we can’t buy ourselves more minutes. What we can do is make the most of our time. But, as we are in a mobile-first world, many of us mortals spend 4.8 hours per day wasting time on mobile apps.

But what if you only need five tools to control how you spend your time online?

Anyone who can declutter their digital life is breaking the shackles of the Internet. So, here are five useful tools in 2022 to help you stay organized online:

Electronic Calendar

An electronic calendar can help you plan your day. You can use it to schedule work meetings, social engagements, and important events. Most mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers have built-in calendars. You might spend less time scrolling through social media if you keep your calendar open, as 66% of people do.

In order to use an electronic calendar to its fullest, explore all of its valuable functions. Some particular calendar planning tips will help you plan your day effectively.

Password Manager

Passwords protect your online security. But even the strongest passwords can get compromised. For this reason, cyber security experts recommend using unique passwords for each account. If one of your login credentials gets compromised, your other accounts remain safe.

But, memorizing numerous lengthy passwords is nearly impossible. A password manager is the answer to this problem. Instead of remembering multiple passwords, you only need one master password. This master password opens your password manager. 

Apart from letting you stay organized online, a password manager defends your privacy. Most password managers have an autofill feature. If this feature does not work, take it as a sign you may be on a spoofed website, about to fall victim to a phishing attempt.

If you think you don’t need a password manager because your browser does the job anyway, think again. Your browser’s password management feature does not protect you from cyber security issues. It is vulnerable to RedLine, a malware that steals sensitive data from browsers. A secure password manager is undoubtedly a safer option, although it also can’t prevent phishing or credential-stuffing attacks. Since these attacks rely on human error, it all comes down to how careful you are online. 

Note-Taking App

Note-taking is essential for students, business managers, employees, and even parents. But note-taking is pointless if you can’t find your notes when needed. Searchability is one reason a note-taking app is better than traditional post-it notes.

Going digital allows you to expedite and organize the note-taking process for several reasons:

  • Digital note-taking apps have templates and duplication features to help you save time.
  • The built-in tools, like pens and highlighters, let you customize your notes.
  • Folders and tags help you organize your notes so you can find them through the search feature.
  • For improved searchability, scan images and PDFs using optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Access your notes on many devices by saving and syncing with the cloud.

Email Management Software

Do you get lots of annoying spam, nagging email threads, or unneeded newsletters? If you answered yes, you likely spend half of your day keeping up with your emails. 

Inbox clutter is hurting your business in ways you don’t realize. It destroys your productivity. 

When you leave unnecessary emails in your inbox, you need to search through the chaos to find what you need. A chaotic inbox wastes your energy. Information overload leaves you exhausted and less productive.

Email management software can help prevent information overload. It prioritizes important emails and organizes your inbox. 

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage makes storing, accessing and sharing files easier. You only need a good internet connection. It is necessary for many students, freelancers, organizations, and households.

Cloud storage is a better alternative to external memory drives. The latter is prone to viruses, theft, and damage. Cloud drive saves your progress when working in the cloud. You don’t have to stress about sudden computer outages.

Moving your files to the cloud can help you cut the clutter if you have multiple devices. If you save a file in the cloud drive using your mobile phone, you can retrieve it using your computer or tablet. You won’t need to carry a storage device to access your documents, images, audio, and video files. 


A clean, uncluttered digital life does not add more hours to your life. But, it can save precious minutes to spend on more worthwhile activities. The right tools can help you stay organized online, be more productive, and be stress-free. Don’t underestimate the value of these tools. Their benefits are priceless. 

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