Get To Know Solana: A Blockchain Network Primed To Take On Ethereum

Get To Know Solana: A Blockchain Network Primed To Take On Ethereum

The two largest networks of NFTs and DeFi which are already in the news these days are Solana (Solana) and
Ethereum (ETH). Both of these coins offer smart contract services but there are some major points of
difference between the two as well.

This detailed, informative article highlights every important point you
need to know about Solana to have an overall better understanding. Some say that Solana can be the next
“Ethereum Killer”, while some say the exact opposite. Visit

All You Need To Know About Solana: A Blockchain Built For Speed


ETH works on a Proof-Of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism which in layman’s terms means that the entire
network is protected by a network of miners all around the globe who validate each and every transaction and
generates new blocks. The only drawback that PoW has with it is that it only passes a few transactions in a
SOL, on the other hand, uses a different mechanism which goes by the name proof-of-history (POH). It works
by computing cryptographical time between transactions or events. The POH aspect of Solana is why it is
being compared to ETH because it has the power to settle way more transactions in a particular amount of

Programming Language

The virtual machine or a language that a platform uses greatly affects the overall security of the smart
contract. The language in which it is coded is a major aspect to cover when discussing their differences. They

 Languages used for SOL are:


Languages used for Solana are:


The overall structure of Solana is more complicated and it also supports multithread. The programming
language that is used by Ethereum can make ETH Smart contracts prone to vulnerabilities. 


Decentralization is one of the major aspects that is talked about along with cryptocurrencies. We have all
heard that the whole essence of crypto is that it has no control over it. 
PoW mechanism brings a huge number of miners under one pool for quicker and better results but this aspect
creates an environment of control. 
PoS, on the other hand, believes in rewarding their highest clients. The top 35% of validators in Solana own its
stake and that is why has more control over the entire system. Solana is more centralized than ETH. 


ETH has come a long way since its inception and most of the flaws that it had, have been already improved or
solved. Since it is highly decentralized the downtimes are almost negligible. The major thing at which ETH
struggles is its scalability and no downtime. 

Solana on the other hand had a hard time creating a completely decentralized network as they had to pool in
the miners. This is one of the main reasons why Solana often faces downtime in the market. SOL has
experienced 3 major downtimes as of now but they are working on their demerit and coming up with a better

Transaction cost

Solana is famous for low transaction fees in the market. Everyone trader or investor wishes to pay the leastamount of transaction fees to gain maximum profit. As of July 2022, the gas fees charged by ETH are $0.09
whereas it is just $0,0000014. The difference is right in front and it is huge. 

Transaction time

This point holds great importance because not only in the crypto market but in any business, a product that
saves time attracts consumers. The transaction speed of ETH is 30 TPS whereas in the case of Solana, it is more
than 50,000 TPS. 


So, these were some major differences between these two most popular cryptocurrencies in the crypto
investment world. You as a consumer might find it difficult to choose one out of the two but things may clear
up once you intensively research them.
To know more or to start investing in either of the two choose a reliable and easy-to-use platform. A reliable
platform provides speed and security in each step. You may also visit to know more about
Ethereum and how Solana is threatening this already established coin.

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