Dare to go on an adventure that gives you an overdrive! Go for the extreme thrill! Go farther and further! The GTS MAX dual-motor on and off terrain electric scooter is designed and built for those who want to ride beyond the streets!

So, why not give some time for an unstoppable adventure – weekday or weekend, to your daily commute? Traverse the trails, the jagged paths, the rolling hills, and all-terrains.  The possibilities are boundless!

MEARTH’s GTS MAX dual motor on-and-off-terrain e-scooter is Australia’s very own brand of top-tier, superb quality electric scooters that’s in a powerful class of its own.

Sporting a unique design not seen in many electric scooters for adults, the GTS MAX from MEARTH ‘vrooms” off-road because of its rugged, robust, masculine look. Very solid and sturdy in its appearance. From long-range, tough terrains to long-distance travels, the GTS MAX is a tough beast to beat!

No wonder electric ​​scooter enthusiasts rave about the GTS MAX dual-motor on-and-off-the-road champion.  

From the grip to the footing, to the controls and suspension all’s rock-steady and firm. GTS MAX’s spacious deck and intuitive design make it comfortable for big men to stand well and balance themselves while riding. Go ahead! Feel the rumble and none of the polluting emissions. 

Sleek, tough, bold, fearless, and dominant. The GTS MAX  is incomparable — through and through. Here’s why:

GTS MAX Specifications:

COLOR         – Black

CHARGER OUTPUT        – 180W Output power

BATTERY        – 52V 20Ah

CHARGE TIME        – 3-4 hours

POWER MANAGEMENT    – Overheating, short-circuit, over-current and overcharge 


RANGE        – 100KM

MAX SPEED        – 25km/h (in line with Australian public safety 

regulations) up to 70km/h (on private property)

DISPLAY        – LCD

BRAKES        – Reliable disc brakes

LIGHTS        – LED Front and Rear

WEIGHT        – 34KG

MAX LOAD        – 150K

Premium. MEARTH GTS MAX is built from high-quality, long-wearing materials, and cutting-edge technology to give riders free rein to endless capabilities, even on rugged, uneven terrains. This dual motor on-and-off-road champion is fully upgraded. Weighing only 41kg, it can withstand off-road traveling. Built with the extra enhanced premium aluminum frame, the GTS MAX is very capable of matching your extreme riding adventures!

Dual-motor off-road champ. It has a huge battery capacity of 20.4 amperes, 52 volts, and 1,061 watt-hours with a powerful motor power of 2400W to 3200W. The powerful motor and battery of the GTS MAX were co-engineered by Mearth and LG and yield a longer-range capability. Charging time is only 3-4 hours.

 Ride Quality. Cruise at 25km/h (in line with Australia public safety regulations), and up to 70km/h (on private property), with a load range of up to 150kg. The GTS MAX lets you ride in comfort and style, knowing your scooter is designed with superior quality materials sourced from superior technology.

Powerful. Precisely because MEARTH GTS MAX is built from superior-quality materials and leading-edge technological design, the GTS MAX ranks supreme – an electric scooter that is daring, as well as hard-wearing. Guaranteed a crowd drawer, it’s an enviable head-turner with its all-terrain design and capabilities that tower above others.

Reliable on-and-off-road protection. Real-time reliability and consistency mark the GTS MAX’s key strengths. Its strong braking power safeguards the rider on every trip because its disc brake systems passed through the most stringent and highest industry standards and level of safety testing to ensure the rider’s safety.

Speed. The GTS Max proudly offers the fastest speed possible from any Mearth scooter.  

The normal speed of the GTS Max caps at 25kph for city riding, and it could reach up to 70kph off-road. Since this is a dual-motor on-and-off-road electric scooter, it is definitely built on speed. Just remember to ride safely at all times when reaching this speed. Make sure you are also in a safe environment.

Elevation. The GTS MAX also offers the best hill-climbing ability, suitable for driving through irregular, jagged paths. It can ride up to 30 degrees of slope. Unmatched power and distance define this supreme riding machine!

Tires. The GTS MAX sports 10-inch air-filled, non-explosive off-road tires that will not easily wear or tear in rough terrains. These tires are also equipped with shock absorbers, making your ride less bumpy and more stable, even on the roughest terrains.

Brakes. The GTS MAX has a disc brake at the front and on the rear tires. The design of the brakes placed at the back are called back brakes and they are conveniently and comfortably situated for riders to easily step on them without losing balance. 

Disc brakes at the front are also a safe type of brake that allows the rider to slow down at the right pace and not abruptly stop.

Foldable and portable. The GTS MAX dual-motor, on-and-off-road electric scooter is also foldable and can be carried anywhere. You can also conveniently store in the trunk of the vehicle or park it inside a building, in a small corner, or even under a desk.

Total package. The GTS Max is definitely the topmost,  dual motor on-and-off-road dual motor electric scooter that provides riders with the durability and power needed to ride unrestricted through rocky terrains, steep hills, and even on rough, rugged paths.

With these win-win features, Mearth GTS MAX can definitely take you anywhere, especially with its long-lasting battery. The finest in its range, the GTS MAX offers unbounded and unlimited capabilities. Its quality and heavy-duty material also make it flexible on irregular paths, even at high speeds.

MEARTH GTS MAX — and you.  Two of a kind. Unstoppable. Fearless. Bold, hardy leader of the pack. Don’t wait for the ‘right’ moment to happen! Make it your moment each time – gear up for the great outdoors with GTS MAX, your awesome partner for that off-terrain thrilla’!

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