The cryptocurrency market is known to be rich for its high-value assets or cryptocurrencies. If we talk about the most priced crypto trade bitcoin which is indeed the most popular one, after its creation in 2009 it didn’t have any value. However, the value is gained over time and in 2021 it reached the heist peak. The early investors became millionaires and billionaires. 

These success stories attract many new people to get into the market. Everyone is trying to have some piece of cake. No one with their hard-earned money comes here to just have some experience but every time the purpose behind is to gain some profit. 

The main and most practiced way to gain cryptos is by buying them and trading them for more money. However, as the market is growing the possibilities are growing too and many new areas to facilitate availing cryptocurrencies are created. 

Strategies for using cryptocurrencies to make money and get rich:

  1. Lending and borrowing:

Lending and borrowing are easy techniques to make money out of the crypto market. By lending cryptocurrencies, you actually gain more money when you take the returns in the simple lending return method. Several cryptocurrency exchanges support crypto lending. Crypto trader software will provide you with better exchange knowledge.

This lending method is known as a cryptocurrency loan. When you provide a loan to someone the deal generally is like that with the return the person will give extra value as an interest percentage for the service. Here also the same thing applies. When you give cryptos as a loan to someone, at the time of return the person gives you extra cryptos as per the deal you have made during the lending. 

Here in the context of bitcoin, the borrower or the lender is not an institution like a traditional bank but they are individual users of cryptos or the bitcoin network. So, you can be also the person to lend some bitcoins or other cryptos. Thus you can make a good amount of profit from the borrowers when they pay the return to you.

  1. Classic buy and hold strategy:

This is the most practiced method of earning cryptocurrencies. Almost all people choose this method. It is the traditional process of investing your money and the return is completely based on the market situation. 

The cryptocurrency market especially the bitcoin market is an extremely volatile one. The price fluctuates in short term as well as in long term. If you see its price graph it will seem like a dangerous roller coaster to you with big swings. From no value, bitcoin gained a massive highest point in 2021 that was over $65,000. Again it dropped after that and in September 2022 it is less than $30,000. This is an overall scenario but the fluctuation is more rapid. 

However, bitcoin’s price is expected to be high again in the future as per the predictors. So, just like the early investors who gained profit in 2021’s price hike, there are again chances to make more profit if you plan for a long time buy and hold policy.

  1. Trading:

Trading is investments based on a short time. When you invest your money in cryptos for a few weeks or days you make a trade. It is again dependent upon the market situation. As you know cryptocurrency prices ups and down frequently they keep changing even within a day. So, traders to make a profit out of every rise and fall invest money for such a short period. It can be like multiple times in a day too. 

Trading platforms are here to ease up this process. Through them, you can do crypto trading. With the right knowledge about the various cryptos, you can easily earn money by trading.

  1. Airdrops:

Airdrops present the most considerable risk of all the ways to obtain free cryptocurrency. Most investors believe that it is more than you think worthwhile. When they want to support new cryptocurrencies, developers do airdrops. To put it briefly, they offer a free coin to try and adopt.

You can get updates about these airdrop projects online when they are active. Users frequently advertise them on the firm’s website, social media, and other crypto news websites.

  1. Mining:

Mining is the method to create new cryptocurrencies that you get as a reward. Mining needs huge investment as the process includes complex hardware systems and high power. But, if you can make the setup or be a part of a cloud mining pool, you can earn a reward for successful mining.

In mining, you verify and validate transactional data by computational power and if you are successful in doing so, you create new blocks and get new cryptos as the reward for your work. For example, after bitcoin mining, you get new bitcoins that you can use or further invest. 


These are some of the methods of how you can purchase cryptocurrencies. As these assets are high in value, with successful and wise usage of them you can definitely become rich in cryptos.

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