Shipping Containers For Sale In New Orleans

Shipping Containers For Sale In New Orleans

Pelican Containers can offer high-quality, new, and used containers. You just need to find our distribution center shipping containers for sale in New Orleans. The CONEX boxes we collect are fully verifiable, and our work sources are time and quality-tested. In connection with this, you no longer need to think about the quality of the goods you receive, since we are responsible for this.

Services We Provide

Furthermore, you can buy a container of any size, from 6 feet to 45 feet in length, our company offers a variety of types:

  • Standard containers; With which you can send or receive an utterly diverse product;
  • Tall cubes, with which you can transport fairly tall items, are often used for construction;
  • Open top containers. In this case, the container comes with a tarpaulin top and is also very popular for transportation;
  • Containers with open sides, which are very convenient to use for transporting equipment that is difficult to fit through standard doors;
  • Flat rack containers;
  • Refrigeration containers.

These are only the primary containers we provide, no doubt, and other types are less used. Also, we have the service of offering a chassis in excellent condition that will help you transport bulky goods.

Such a massive selection of different new and used shipping containers will help you choose the perfect option boxes will undoubtedly surprise you with their quality. Our containers are perfect for storing expensive vehicles and some huge things or bulky equipment – we will choose the option just for you.

Do you have an idea but no container? We will quickly solve your problem, as we do everything for our customers, even modifying containers with the right things. In addition, our delivery will surprise you with its efficiency and quality.

Information About Sea Containers In New Orleans

Our company has a large number of offices throughout the United States. Based on this, come to us if you want to buy a container in Louisiana. It is easy to work with us, and everything happens quickly and accurately. You have the opportunity to order a new or used container, chassis, or some different things while receiving the goods in just a few days. We believe that this is quite convenient and efficient. For your information, how to apply to sell containers in New Orleans:

  • You need to come to our office and discuss all the details with one of our specialists. They will tell you more precisely and show you exciting options. Also, write down all the requirements that you voice;
  • Send a letter to our mail, which you will find on the website Our staff will read the letter and will respond to you shortly to discuss all the details of the transaction;
  • Fill out a specific form on our website and expect a response from our staff. Do not hesitate; everything happens very quickly, and you do not have to wait, even a week;
  • Call us on our regular phone number listed on the site.

Containers That Were In Use

Containers of this type were often used to transport goods and things to different parts of the world. Since our containers are made of a reasonably durable material that is wear-resistant, you will not notice the difference between new and used. Despite the repeated use of these containers, they remain in perfect condition.

The same situation happens with damage. Our containers are impact resistant and look great, not to mention their basic cargo safety features.

Among other things, we have full certification of each container and compliance with ISO standards, so you have nothing to worry about. The purchase of containers comes with full documentary support. In addition, we have certified surveyors if you need to provide a cargo certificate for your forwarders.

Modification, And Sale Of Sea Containers

Pelican Containers will provide modifications to all containers according to your requirements. You can order a container of non-standard size, and we will fulfill your order. We can create a unique and original container. Just describe your desires to our managers.

Buying a Container in 3 Steps

Nothing is complicated here; the main thing is to follow the process described below, and success awaits you. Do not skip a single step to order the suitable container just for you:

  1. Choose size;

For everything to turn out the way you want, you need to choose the exact and correct size of the container. Calculate the size of things or tasks you buy a container, and write us the size you need for your purposes. We will fulfill all the requirements that you specify.

  1. Select the state of the container;

One of the most critical points since you must decide which container you need. Many people need a new one, but some clients, who don’t care what state the box will be in, choose containers that were already in use. It all depends on your desire and the tasks for which you need a container. For example, for a cafe, the condition of the container is not necessary, but for the transportation of essential things, you should think about it.

  1. Leave a request on our website;

It remains a little, and it is to fill out an application on the site, namely, fill out a standard form to get what you want. Feel free to describe all your wishes and moments that are important to you. We will consider every desire to provide you with a suitable container.


Our company has been on the market for many years and is a leading supplier of many types of containers. We will provide a high-quality product, and also, we will find a container for your budget and your needs. Stop waiting for the weather from the sea, order containers right now, and expect delivery within a few days. We provide containers of any size to meets your individual needs. Also, you can choose a new-one or a used-one. It’s up to you! 

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