4 Apps To Help You Earn Money Online

4 Apps To Help You Earn Money Online

Earning money does not have to involve making investments or purchases. Today, it is entirely possible to make money online with just your smartphone or computer, the things that almost everyone already has at their disposal. With vast opportunities, picking one or two may be difficult, and this article should help you.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

This application, available on both mobile and desktop devices, was developed by the Nielsen corporation, which is famous for doing market research regarding television. As there is a steady decline in TV watching, they have to shift focus to different things, and one of them is monitoring how people are using the internet overall.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel, while running the background of your devices, collects information on how you use your device, what websites you visit, and how you are behaving with your device in general. Although it may seem a bit intrusive, all data collected is anonymized, with no way for the company itself to track it down to you as a user.

The reports on earnings vary, but general consensus is that you can make up to $50 per year using this app.

Current / Mode

Current (on iOS) or Mode (on Android) is an app that pays you to listen to music. It claims to have over one hundred thousand different music stations available on its app, with a wide selection of genres, promising that everyone will find what they want to listen to there.

The earning model is somewhat simple here. As you are listening to music, an occasional advertisement will play, and because of this, the owners of the application will get some profit, giving some of it to you.

It uses a points system, and the points that you collect can be exchanged for various rewards. It is a good option if you do not wish to pay for a paid subscription to some music streaming service or if you prefer to listen to the radio rather than to your own created playlist or a random music shuffle.


Similar to the aforementioned Nielsen app, the Honeygain app also provides you with completely passive income; however, the mode of earning is almost completely different.

Whereas Nielsen collects information on your device usage habits, Honeygain makes use of your unused internet bandwidth. It is used by their network for various purposes, such as ad verification, price checks, and SEO research.

It does not collect any personal data whatsoever, making it a safe option to use in case you are privacy conscious and device usage monitoring does not seem like a good idea. The earnings are not large, as you will earn 3 credits for 10 MB of data shared. In this credits system, 1 000 credits equal $1. You can payout using PayPal or JumpTokens, a new cryptocurrency.

The app works in the background of your devices without interrupting any of your activities. You also do not have to do anything on the app itself in order to earn. It works without any activity from you.


Sweatcoin is most useful for those who tend to walk around, as this app pays you to walk. As a reward for walking, you receive points for the number of steps you take. The points can be exchanged for various discounts on the Sweatcoin marketplace, sometimes reaching 100%, meaning that some goods can be fully acquired purely by walking.

With the recent introduction of the Sweat Wallet, it is possible to earn crypto for walking. Instead of getting points, with the usage of the Sweat Wallet, you receive Sweat Coins (SWEAT), which can be transferred between Sweatcoin users, staked for further earnings, and so on. At the current time, however, you can not sell nor buy them, but the company promises to introduce this soon.

This app helps if you wish to have a healthier lifestyle as it motivates you to walk more than before since you get paid for doing exactly that.

Overall, as large as the variety of these apps can be, they will not make you a millionaire. But still, getting some money for free with little-to-no effort is worth trying out.

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