How Many Video Poker Variations Exist?

How Many Video Poker Variations Exist?

The world of casino games is like an endless tunnel that never ends when it comes to game variations. If we take Poker, for example, one of its variations is Video Poker, and from this type of game, we have many different variations.

Video poker is very popular in online casinos, and even though most variations are based on the same principles, some of the rules are slightly different making for a unique game experience.

Since there are many different game variations from video poker, in today’s article we will focus only on the most popular ones that get the most attention from the public.

Video Poker Game Variations

Single and Multi-Hand Video Poker

Whether you play Bitcoin video poker or a regular one,  one of the variations you might encounter is single-game video poker, which is considered a standard, and multi-hand video poker that can be played with three, five, and up to a hundred hands at the same time.

Multi-hand video poker starts in the same way where 5 cards are being dealt. The player then selects which cards to hold and removes the rest. After hitting the deal button for the second time, the cards are dealt into multiple hands.

Jack or Better

When it comes to Video Poker, Jack or Better is without a doubt the simplest game variation available. That is why this is a popular version of video poker for beginners. There are different forms of Jack or Better, but the traditional game features an attractive 99.54% RTP which promises significant returns.

The lowest-paid hand is a pair of jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces. However, Jack or Better game variant comes with a rather fun feature that allows you to double your winnings in a bonus game every time you get a Jack or better hand.

You’ll be dealt five hands and one of them face up. The goal is to pick the card with the highest value in order to double your winnings.

Deuces Wild

Another popular version of video poker is Deuces Wild, and just like Jack or Better it comes in different shapes and sizes and uses a deck of 52 cards.

The interesting part about Deuces Wild is that all four deuces or twos can be used as Wild Cards to replace a card of some value in order to get a better hand. With that said, the odds of getting a winning hand are significantly increased due to the Wilds that can replace any card.

Tens of Better

Now we are starting to see a pattern in these video game variants, as Tens or Better is quite similar to Jack or Better.

This game is played using a single deck of cards, and winning hands that are in the same order.

The lowest pair here is 10s and their pay is adjusted accordingly as the value of the hand goes up. Now even though the payout is lower than Jack or Better, the frequency of the wins is better. This means that you should expect smaller wins more frequently.

Aces and Faces

One of the more complex video poker games is Aces and Faces, which is another Jack or better alternative. It is played with a standard deck of cards and the payouts start from as low as a Jack or Better hand.

The only difference from Jack or Better is that there is an increased payout for All Four of a Kind hands formed by Face Cards or Aces. 

That is why four Aces is actually more valuable than Straight Flush with a payout of 80 to 1.

Bonus Poker

Another fun Video Poker variant is Bonus Poker, which has an impressive return of 99.17%. However, unlike the traditional video poker game, this game also focuses on cards that are Jack or higher. 

This means that the lowest pair here is again a pair of Jacks and the other winning hands are ranked traditionally.

The only thing that is different is that this game includes a more generous payout for some Four of a Kind hands.

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