How to Take Action Against a Negligent Employer for a Workplace Injury

How to Take Action Against a Negligent Employer for a Workplace Injury

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If you can, don’t let your organization create an environment that could be dangerous or unhealthy. It could be because of broken equipment, dirty floors, or other risks on the job. Even though this is one of the most common reasons to sue the company or file a workers’ compensation claim, you may also have a case against the company in several other situations involving carelessness at work.

The highest courts in the state say that employers can be held responsible for personal injury claims if their actions cause a worker’s compensation claim to be denied for no good reason. For example, if they wait too long before dealing with the insurance company, deny that the damage was caused during the employee’s work, or give the insurance company false information about the accident or injury.

Because of your employer’s neglect, you got hurt on the job, and now you need to file a claim to get paid. This easy-to-read guide tells you how to get started.

Report about your injury

Tell your employer right away about the injuries you got. This is needed if you want to get workers’ compensation benefits, and if you decide to sue your employer, it will be useful evidence. Use Forms CA-1 and CA-2 to report the injury. For a traumatic injury, fill out Form CA-1; for an occupational disease or illness, fill out Form CA-2.

Get the right kind of medical care

Also, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. If you want to file a worker’s compensation claim, you may have to see a doctor on the company’s list of approved doctors. To file a claim against your employer for a work-related injury outside the workers’ compensation system, you must get checked out as soon as possible by a doctor of your choice. This depends on where you are.

Make sure to take a lot of notes

You should take careful notes. As you think about what to say, think about the question’s context and what has been said so far. You won’t get any money until you go to court and ask for it. You will need proof of the date and circumstances of your accident to take legal action. So, the best thing to do right now is to write down as much as you can remember.

Figure out if you need a lawyer to sue your company

For this, meet with an attorney who helps injured workers. During your first meeting with a workplace injury lawyer, the lawyer will determine your case’s strength. If you work closely with your lawyer, you will have a better chance of getting full compensation if your lawyer thinks you have a valid claim for damages. Moreover, he will guide you if you should hire a lawyer to file a claim against your employer or another organization responsible for your work-related injuries or if you should do it on your own.

Remain active in the process

To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to stay involved in the process, doing things like keeping up with your medical care and reviewing settlement offers with your lawyer. If you’ve been seriously hurt, you owe yourself to do everything you can to get the money you deserve.

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