The unaddressed dark side of the Russia-Ukraine war

The unaddressed dark side of the Russia-Ukraine war

The war always brings excruciating horrors and everlasting nightmares that people have to live through for the rest of their lives. The modern-day war between Russia and Ukraine has shown that you can’t be too careful at any given moment, and there are certain difficulties that will make their homes with you. When it comes to trading, it becomes a lot confusing when you have so many cryptocurrencies trade Bitcoin with Bitcoin 360 AI at your disposal to choose from. The decisions thus made in the crypto industry and how such digital assets come to the fore, it is all challenging task to surmount sometimes. Hence, what needs to be done in such situations is to understand the market and move along with it to derive much sense out of it. 

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The dark fate that awaited Ukraine in the glimmer of light 

This is exactly what has been witnessed in the ongoing Russia and Ukraine war that has shaken not just Ukraine but so many countries along with it. Today, the way things move in the geopolitical scenario, the expectations continue to go up with the government. But have the world governments done enough for their residents, and has the vision that such governments had been fulfilled? Well, it is one area of contemplation that requires immense brainstorming, and that speaks a whole lot about the current market situation. 

Today, the world is acquainted with the real-time horrors of a war that possesses the ability to bring down all kinds of digital assets to the ground, and there can be no one that can save the fall. Ukraine fell like the house of cards when Russia started to attack its territory ballistically. Not only that, all the crypto assets that were believed to be performing really well back then came down crashing in a matter of seconds. However, there were two main cryptocurrencies that showed a heavy relentlessness and came down to the rescue of Ukraine simply out of nowhere. Nonetheless, the fact that Ukraine was able to switch gears to cryptocurrencies was also quite praiseworthy, considering the desperation of the situation. 

Enhancing the chances of survival through cryptocurrencies 

Now, having said that, Bitcoin and Ethereum became the main cryptocurrencies that showed that you could have everything in the digital domain as long as you know how to use it and when to use it. Furthermore, you can also understand the market way better simply when you don’t have much to rely on in the digital market. The unprecedented role that Bitcoin and Ethereum have played in the current crypto market is indeed impeccable because none of the cryptocurrencies was that prominent to the level that these two cryptocurrencies have been in the last couple of years. 

Now, we also have to admit the fact that cryptocurrencies were not just able to address & fulfil the needs of the Ukrainian population, but they also served as a great leeway for Russians as well. It shows that digital assets can be used in both ways, i.e., to build and to destroy at the same time. Now, that is the biggest irony of this digital asset that we all need to embrace. Both countries faced immense hardships because Ukraine was being manhandled by Russia, whereas Russia was being manhandled by the governments of the rest of the countries.

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