What You Need to Know About the Motorcycle Accident Claim Procedure

What You Need to Know About the Motorcycle Accident Claim Procedure


Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common and deadly vehicle collisions. These crashes happen quickly, but they can have serious consequences that last a lifetime. If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you must be aware of the steps you need to take. There is a great chance that you only have very little knowledge about personal injury law. That is why it would greatly help you if you hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. A qualified attorney can answer your questions, explain your legal rights and options and help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

How To File an Insurance Claim for A Motorcycle Accident

1. File Your Original Injury Claim

The first step in filing an insurance claim is to file your original injury claim with your insurance company. You’ll need to provide them with all the evidence you want to be included in the case. It can consist of receipts from medical expenses, medical bills, and therapy, photographs of your injuries, and any other documentation you may have. The average time that a motorcycle accident insurance policy claims handler takes to resolve a claim is about one month, so it’s vital to begin this process as soon as possible. Be sure you’re fully prepared for this process, and don’t leave anything out.

2. It’s Time to Discuss Your Case with a Personal Injury Attorney

Discussing your case with an attorney is the next step in determining what compensation you may be entitled to. A motorcycle accident lawyer can explain whether or not you have a claim, what your injuries are worth, and how the process will work from there.

Your meeting with an attorney should include an evaluation of the details of your motorcycle accident, including photos of any injury you sustained. If you were injured and missed work following the crash, it’s good to know how much money you lost during that time and how it affects your ability to make claims.

3. Consult an Attorney About Accepting the Settlement

The third step in filing a motorcycle damage claim is to consult an attorney about accepting a settlement. If you’re injured following a motorcycle accident and the insurance company offers you a payment, your attorney can advise you on whether it’s a fair offer. You often have 30 days to accept or reject a settlement offer from the insurance company.

4. Get a Medical Report from a Doctor

The final step in filing a motorcycle accident claim is to have a medical report produced by your doctor. With this, you will be able to get compensation at all, and having it prepared can take as little as a few days in most cases. A professional motorcycle accident attorney can advise you on what type of medical report would be best suited to your lawsuit. Still, the most important thing is to get one prepared.

Motorcycle accidents have severe consequences and can lead to long-lasting pain and suffering due to extensive injuries. Be sure you’re adequately prepared before filing a claim, and use the suggestions outlined in this guide when starting your process. An injured party can pursue an injury claim in civil court against a negligent driver. If you choose to do so, you can sue for damages, including medical expenses and lost wages. 

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