Betting on NFL Games: Simplest Forms of Bets to Make

Betting on NFL Games: Simplest Forms of Bets to Make

Betting on NFL games is very popular among football lovers. Most football fans are always so excited during the NFL season and eager to bet on their favorite teams at all times, as it has become a part of the game for the lovers of the sport.

Visiting the sports betting apps Ireland during the season, you will notice the increased number of bettors placing their stakes for a chance to win big. Of course, being able to win money by predicting the outcome of the sport you love makes the experience better. This might have motivated you to also engage in NFL betting, but you do not know the steps to take as a first-time bettor.

This piece is for you as a first-time bettor who wants to play safe and count winnings eventually or for those who have been placing bets for a while without seeming to have much luck. You will find tons of bets on different sportsbooks online, all with their distinct appeal. However, here are some simple gambling options you can go for that does not complicate things.

1. Moneyline

Moneyline is your easiest gambling option, and you can make it on any sport. Moneyline does not require any calculations whatsoever. You just need to assess the situation and gamble on the team you believe has a better chance of winning. Online football betting apps will provide the sportsbook’s odds on the group believed to have better chances.

Hence, all you need to do is bet against the sportsbook’s perception. Ordinarily, it is expected that every team that makes it to the NFL is good enough, but some are better than the rest. What you need to do is to back the better team on the day for a chance to win.

2. Point Spread

The point spread is quite intense compared to the money line wager, but it is still just as easy as the others. Unlike the moneyline stakes, where you just need to choose which team you believe will win, the point spread gamble is slightly more intense. This is because you do not have to choose which team will win, but be precise about the advantage the team will have over their opponent.

The gamble here is not just who will be winning but by what margin. As expected, this type of gamble comes with more ROI compared to the moneyline bets. However, understanding key numbers in football is essential when it comes to point-spread stakes.

3. Game Total

Many bettors also know this type of stake as over/ under. Here, you are not concerned about which team will be winning nor the advantage the winning team will have. Instead, you are concerned about predicting the total amount of points that will be recorded in that match which is why it is called “game totals.”

Once a sportsbook has set the total points at a particular number, a game total gamble is usually of two options. You can either stake your money on the game getting over the sportsbook’s number or under that number; hence the “over/under name too.

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4. Parlays

Now, the parlays are multiple-game stakes that allow you to bet on more than one event at a time. So, this is an excellent option for you if you want to do just that. A parley stake combines moneyline, point spread, and even game total in one bet.

Hence, you must ensure that your prediction for all of those picks is accurate, as even one wrong prediction can make you lose your prize. In some sports betting apps for Android in Ireland, you will be allowed to bet on unlimited events in a parlay. However, most sportsbooks have a maximum number of events allowed.

5. Teaser

The teaser is similar to the parlays as it is a multiple-game gamble. However, teasers are safer as they allow bettors to tease the odds and get better chances of winning. By teasing a line, you are either adding or removing points from an existing line.

Generally, teasers start as parlays because at least two bets have to be connected. However, the distinct difference between both types of gambling is that punters get to change the odds in their favor with teaser stakes, while the parlays are stiffer.

6. Live Betting

Live betting is one of the easiest on this list as you can place your stakes at any point during the game. Luckily, most sportsbooks now have live betting options for bettors interested in this form of wagering. Live gambling is one of the easiest because you do not have to commit to a long-term bet as you can easily change your stance according to the flow of the event in-game.


These bets are the simplest and safest ones you can find at all the best sports betting apps Ireland. As a new punter who is just testing the waters with NFL betting, sticking with these simple bets is always advisable before choosing the more complicated options. If you are also the kind of bettor that loves to keep things simple, then these options will give you exactly that, and you will undoubtedly record several wins.

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