My elderly relative needs help: how to look after the health of the elderly

My elderly relative needs help: how to look after the health of the elderly

The nature of the care you provide depends largely on the health of the person you care for and what kind of support they need.

Can they stand on their own? Is she mostly in bed, so you required live-in care services in New York City or other places? Do they require your help to get dressed or take a shower? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this section is for you. Here you will find practical advice on how to provide the best possible care for such persons.

Maintaining hygiene

One of the most useful ways to show your concern for the health and comfort of your loved ones is to help with personal hygiene. We are talking about quite intimate care, which can cause embarrassment for novice caregivers. Although it may seem like a daunting task, helping with personal hygiene can have unexpected results. It can help you strengthen your relationship.

Proper hygiene care will help prevent irritation and infection and soothe your loved one’s skin. In this way, you will provide them with a feeling of cleanliness and comfort and will not leave any chance for the formation of an unpleasant odor.

Skincare for an elderly person

As you already know, our skin changes with age. It becomes more vulnerable. As a result, older people need to develop new hygiene habits to take care of their sensitive skin. This is especially true for people who are incontinent, as urine and feces can cause skin irritation and damage. Gentle cleansing and delicate protection help to avoid irritation and infection. They have a beneficial effect on overall well-being, ensuring that your family feels clean, comfortable, fresh, and healthy. And they help to restore self-confidence.

Skin lesions and pressure ulcers

As already mentioned, the skin of an elderly person needs to be protected from the adverse effects of urine and feces, as they can lead to skin damage. Check the condition of your loved one’s skin daily during bathing procedures. If you find signs of damage, you need to take a number of actions that will help stop this process. Useful tips on skin care for a person with incontinence can be found on the Incontinence and hygiene page.

If the person you are caring for spends most of their time in bed and is unable to change their position regularly, there is a risk of skin damage and pressure ulcers. You can prevent this by helping your loved one change their position frequently and regularly. You can treat it like a daily exercise. Take this moment to give them a little massage, cheer them up, or simply help their body rest from the constant pressure caused by lying in bed. Contact your doctor if you would like to learn more about pressure ulcer prevention.

Means for incontinence

Does the person you care for spending most of their time in bed? Does he or she suffer from incontinence? If so, we recommend that you use special products designed for people with urinary incontinence. Among them: are urological pads for women, protection for men, diapers, and underpants.

  1. Getting up and going to bed

If the person you care for needs helps to get out of bed, this can be a serious challenge to your back health. You can reduce the risk of injury, including injury to your back, by learning safe lifting techniques.

  1. Moving around the house

If your loved ones can move around with your support, you should help them to do so. A little regular physical activity will keep their muscles and mood up. However, before you start, you should carefully check the home to make sure it is safe to move around.

  1. A balanced diet and fluid intake

Your loved ones may be convinced that they should consume fewer fluids so that the need to go to the restroom is less frequent. However, this can only cause additional problems. Their urine will become more concentrated and pose a health risk. Try to persuade them to drink their usual amount of fluids – whenever they feel thirsty.

Nutrition is another aspect that needs attention. Remember that eating is not only a way to replenish nutrients in the body, but also a great opportunity to socialize. This is the time you can spend quality time with someone close to you. Invite your family or friends to join you for lunch or dinner, share interesting stories and just enjoy each other’s company. This will improve the well-being of the person you are caring for.

  1. Feeling connected to other people

Regardless of age, we all like to be held, stroked, or hugged. Feeling connected to family or friends is always beneficial. When someone spends most of their time alone with themselves, such moments of connection become all the more important.

Experienced caregivers at Galaxy Home Care say that spending time together – even doing trivial activities – can improve your loved ones’ day.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

The first thing that experienced caregivers always emphasize is that you do not have to do everything alone – ask for help and support from others. These can be other family members, friends, local communities, or social service workers.

What is the peculiarity of the skin of the elderly?

There is one special aspect of care that directly affects the comfort of your loved ones – it is the care of their skin.

For each of us, skin health is of great importance. It determines our overall well-being and happiness. But with age, our skin changes and becomes more fragile and vulnerable.

Due to urinary incontinence, it becomes irritated, and the risk of dermatitis, infections, and rashes increases. Frequent use of soap and water leads to even more damage. And due to frequent contact with urine, the skin can acquire an unpleasant odor.

You can also learn more about urinary incontinence protection and hygiene products designed with the skin of the elderly in mind. Contact Galaxy Home Care to find out what special skin care your loved one needs.

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