Outlook vs Thunderbird vs Gmail

Outlook vs Thunderbird vs Gmail

Even though we’ve heard that Slack and WhatsApp may likely replace email, email remains essential for worldwide business. Outlook, Thunderbird, and Gmail are the three leading email clients available to anyone who uses email professionally. But how can you determine which client will best meet your needs?

In order to understand this, it is essential to compare them. Depending on their features and possibilities, each person can decide which option suits them best. If you decide to switch from one client to another, you can always use a thunderbird to outlook converter or another tool to transfer all the data.

  1. Outlook 

Outlook is the standard go-to for many businesses, especially those that use Microsoft Exchange Server for their messaging needs. With Exchange integration, Outlook users can manage contacts, calendars, and tasks all in one place. It also offers a range of other features, such as multiple-account support, custom views, and rules.

  1. Thunderbird 

Mozilla’s Thunderbird is a great open-source option for those who want to manage their email without the need for a dedicated mail server. It offers powerful organization tools, such as tags and folders, as well as add-ons like Lightning (calendar) and Enigmail (encryption).

  1. Gmail 

Google’s Gmail is ubiquitous around the globe. It offers a wide variety of features and functions, ranging from quick search to integration with other Google services like Google Drive. It also has the advantage of being available on nearly any device.


The interface is the most critical element of any email client. Outlook and Thunderbird both feature a traditional three-pane design, while Gmail takes a more modern approach with its tabbed interface. The email list there is efficient and well-organized, with a wide range of customization options available if you want to change the layout. 

Some people may think that Outlook is becoming overloaded with features, but unless you regularly use Outlook for complex tasks, you probably won’t need most of them. In Thunderbird, the font size for all text in the inbox is small, and while you can enlarge messages themselves, there’s no option to increase the listing font size. It doesn’t stand out much compared to its competitors. Each of these interfaces has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider which one will be the most comfortable to use.

Searching & Filters

When it comes to searching and filtering emails, all three clients offer advanced options. Outlook lets you search for messages in specific folders or across all folders, as well as set up rules that will help sort out incoming mail based on the criteria you specify. Thunderbird also provides powerful searching capabilities with its Global Search feature. Gmail allows you to quickly find the emails you’re looking for with its powerful search engine. It also allows you to create filters to help organize incoming emails.

Support & Reliability

When it comes to supporting, Outlook is the clear winner. Since it’s proprietary software from Microsoft, you can expect a wide range of help and tutorials available online. Thunderbird’s support is decent but limited due to its open-source nature. Gmail provides a great deal of documentation, but if you need help with something more complex, you’ll likely have to search for the answer on your own. 

In terms of reliability, all three clients have proven themselves to be reliable over time. Outlook and Thunderbird have been around for a long time, and Gmail has been continuously updated to ensure its stability. 


Another key factor in any email decision is security. Outlook offers encryption through S/MIME, while Thunderbird has built-in OpenPGP encryption and also supports S/MIME. Gmail is a bit more limited in its options but does offer SSL/TLS support for incoming and outgoing mail. 


Overall, each of these clients has unique features that may better meet your needs. Outlook is the best option for individuals seeking a fully-featured client with Microsoft support. Gmail offers simple and direct interaction with other Google services and a tabbed interface, whereas Thunderbird is excellent for open-source users.

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