What Causes E-liquid to Have a Bad

What Causes E-liquid to Have a Bad

Don’t you hate it when you are savouring a full-flavoured, savoury, rich vapour that plays with
your taste buds in one moment, but right in the next moment, your vape tastes chemical,
metallic, dry, burnt, or altogether weird?

Why does it happen, though?
And so suddenly? You only put in a new coil, a new E liquid, or just adjusted the power, right?
There are plenty of reasons that can negatively affect the flavour and quality of your vaping
experience; these include:

Accidental Mixing of Eliquid

It is a possibility while switching to a new flavour. If you didn’t clean the vape tank properly, you
might end up with an ill-tasting mixture of two E-liquids.

Vape Coils Needing a Change

When your vape juice starts tasting burnt, it clearly indicates that you must change the vape
coil. The vape coils heat up every time you take a puff, and if you haven’t changed it for a new
one, the old burnt coil is the reason for that sully burnt taste.
It is recommended to change the vape coil regularly.

Vape Device Neglect

Like changing the vape coils, you need to change the pods or wicks regularly, as the built-up
residue will lead to burnt and odd tastes. Additionally, not properly washing the mouthpiece,
tank, or chimney means that vape flavours from past vaping sessions get a chance to build up,
ruining the unique fun of new flavours.

Use Vs. Power

The market is full of different kinds of vapes – click here, and it might become a reason for a spoiled session
when your vaping device is just not powerful enough for you. A small device might not offer you
the big flavour hit that you want, causing it to taste a bit dull.
Here, you should purchase a new device ideal for your use.

Bad Air Circulation

The disposable vapes and every other vaping device depend on good air circulation to generate
clean and rich flavours. Reduced or no airflow through or around the vape coil and wicking
essentially means a wetter, damper, and mustier taste. The air blockage in the external
ventilation holes (borehole underneath the vape coil) is also responsible for producing dull and
unwanted flavours. Too much of the wicking material also affects air circulation.

Vaper’s Tongue

While this might sound a bit scary – it is nothing that one should worry about too much.
People often lose their sense of taste when it comes to Eliquid and vape juices, explaining the
blandness or bad taste you are getting.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to help the taste return, including switching to an un-
flavoured vape fluid, or just a lighter flavour, for a while. Similarly, trying a solid menthol flavour
or mint flavour also helps some get rid of the vaper’s tongue.

Understanding Causes of Bad Aftertaste   

Above are a few common reasons for having a bad aftertaste in your vapes. Following the tips
and considerations above, you can effectively remove the ill-tasting vapours from
your Eliquid and vapes. Get your vape cracking and prepare for the perfect moment of Zen
using the above techniques – you’re welcome.

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