What Students Are Saying About the Value of Math

What Students Are Saying About the Value of Math

Mathematics is important and yet, many people have the opinion that they won’t need it in their lives. Over the years, we’ve heard students saying: When will I ever use these formulas in my life? Truth is, math is more necessary – and present in life than most of us realize. Studying it helps develop a variety of skills that the student later uses in life, even if they don’t use that exact formula in their career.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the value of math and what students say about it.

Is Math an Easy Subject?

Most students see math as what it is a – a highly valuable skill in their lives. However, this subject doesn’t come easy to everyone. Many students struggle finding the solutions to math problems, and they cannot get the extra help they need from the teachers.

These days, there’s a great advantage for these students thanks to technology. Students can simply go online and use the variety of resources available to enrich their math skills. These range from calculators to textbook solutions specially designed to help them.  With access to specialized textbooks that contain the answers and guidelines, students can improve their knowledge.

Now that you know this, let’s move on to the key point – what students think of this subject and its value.

Students’ Opinions on the Value of Math

The majority of students these days will tell you the same – the subject is of grand importance. Even the students that detest the subject and find it really hard share the opinion. Math is more than just learning the basic multiplication tables or learning how to balance your checkbook. Here are some of the values of Math that students often talk about.

Math is Intertwined with Every Career

Math is a worldly function. Whatever you choose to do, it will demand at least a bit of math every now and then. Even if you have a job that is seemingly unrelated to this subject, you’ll still need to calculate something, send in reports, or simply check your salary and keep track of your taxes!

Math Boosts Essential Life Skills

When you study math, this helps you build up on useful skills like critical thinking and decision making. In many ways, math doesn’t have a direct impact in the sense that you won’t do calculations. However, these are invaluable skills in life, and you can develop them by doing math.

In other words, math requires logic and reasoning, as well as memorized tools such as equations to solve problems. By doing some math, the students are learning how to make decisions, practice their memory, and learn how to think critically in difficult situations.

Even the Hobbies in Life Require the Use of Math

Math is everything from timing and precision to logic and structure. Any hobby you have will require such skills. If you take a minute to consider your hobbies, you’ll find that math has impact on all of them.

For example, if you are into sports, math can help you improve your techniques. If you are into DIY projects, you need math to calculate proportions, take measures, and create something successfully.

Math teaches you how to think

Math is in the numbers, but also the shapes and the statistics. It’s everywhere around us. It’s not just the simple calculations you use in elementary schools. Most people don’t use the math they study in high school or universities – at least not directly. However, it helps them learn how to think, find connections between things, understand things around them, etc.

The idea of math is to get a formula and use it to find the right results. This is a great life lesson. It teaches people to follow the processes – and rules to get the results they need. If needed, it shows them that they can think out of the box, just like they tried to solve difficult math problems.

Math is Vital to Many Careers

If you want to be an engineer, an accountant, or join those trending careers of today in IT such as programming, math is one of the most important subjects to master. These are some of the highest-paying careers in the world, but they cannot be done well if you don’t have at least a solid background in this subject.

Some Other Points of View

While the majority of students believe that math is important, some don’t find its value in life. There are students who believe that only fundamentals of math are important for life and for most careers, and would prefer ‘not wasting their time’ learning difficult equations or solving hard problems in this subject.

This is still an opinion that’s present in academic circles, but it is not accurate. Learning advanced math might not be necessary, but it helps build useful skills so even if you don’t use it directly, you can still benefit from it. 

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