Who is Going to Win the Super Bowl?

Who is Going to Win the Super Bowl?

Figure 1 The NFL playoffs are coming soon

The NFL regular season is fast approaching the end. It has been a bruising few months, as always – but now the playoff picture is a little clearer for football fans. There are some teams that have looked like making the postseason all year, while others are only just making their moves.

The best NFL betting sites have been adjusting their markets since the latest games. But there are some very familiar names at the forefront of most fans’ minds. The likes of the Eagles, Bills and Chiefs have been fancied all year – but which one will break out from the group and claim the championship at Super Bowl LVII? Read on to find out which are the best bets now.

Fly Eagles Fly

No one expected the Philadelphia Eagles to do so well this season. In fact, no one expected any of the teams in the NFC East to be in with a chance. The Cowboys and Giants have looked good at times this year – and even the Commanders have a winning record. But it is the Eagles that are really soaring at the moment.

It was a cold day in Chicago on week 15 game day – and Philly took its time to get warmed up. But once Jalen Hurts gets going, there are very few teams that can stop him. That goes for the entire Eagles roster this season and, with a record of 13-1 proving that they are the best in the league, Philly could well be returning to the Super Bowl.

Backing the Bills

Before the season started it was the Buffalo Bills that were the ones backed to finally end the hurt of never winning a Super Bowl. Josh Allen had developed into one of the best quarterbacks in the league and the front office had also recruited some good players to the roster.

It hasn’t always gone as planned this season but the Bills still just about lead the way in the AFC and can still rely on Allen to come through when needed. The offense is definitely in championship form, but the defense needs a little fine-tuning before we completely get behind Buffalo.

Bet on a Winner

If you are looking for one player in the league that you would back to lead his team to Super Bowl glory it is Patrick Mahomes. Actually, anyone with any experience of the NFL would never write off Tom Brady. But it is the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback that we put our trust in these days.

When Mahomes led the Chiefs to victory at Super Bowl LIV a few years ago, it seemed like it was just the beginning of a period of domination. For a variety of reasons it didn’t quite work out like that. But Mahomes has just gotten even better and could easily take home both an MVP award and a Super Bowl ring this season.

Figure 2 Could we have a brand new winner of the Super Bowl this season?

Niners Gold

No one was looking much past the LA Rams for the NFC West this year. After winning the whole thing last season, it felt like Southern California would be celebrating again. But it is the fans a little further up the coast that have been happier recently – and even more so now the 49ers have won the division.

San Francisco is yet to lose against any of its divisional rivals and has been able to carry on after a season-ending injury to its QB, Jimmy Garroppolo. But it is a credit to the franchise that the roster has come through – and the leadership qualities of Brock Purdy. Why shouldn’t the 49ers now go all the way?

Vikings to End the Drought

Minnesota, like Buffalo, has made it to the Super Bowl on four occasions and never come away with the Vince Lombardi trophy. But there are a few fans dreaming of that unwanted streak coming to an end this season. The NFC North title has already been won and now the Vikes are looking ahead to the playoffs.

Kirk Cousins has not always enjoyed the full support of the Vikings faithful. But he has shown this year why he has been trusted by the franchise. There are serious questions about the defense though. So many games have been close this season and we all know what actually wins championships. Minnesota may have to wait a little longer for that Super Bowl triumph.

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