5 Tips In Making Animation Videos About Company Corporational Culture

5 Tips In Making Animation Videos About Company Corporational Culture

Are you a business owner, marketer, or recruiter looking to build brand awareness, create an employee connection or promote your business? Well, incorporating animated corporate video content is a great place to start. Company videos are designed to get to the core of who you are as an organization. 

But how do you make a compelling video to show the world how awesome it is to work for you? Dive in as this article provides information on animated corporate culture videos and how to make them using Doratoon, an efficient animation maker.  

What Are Animated Corporate Culture Videos

Company culture videos highlight your brand’s culture and personality for prospects, customers, and potential employees. The dynamic nature of animated corporate videos makes them eye-catching and one of the most effective ways to deliver your value proposition in less than 2 minutes. 

However, not all company culture videos work. The differences resonate with several crucial aspects you’ll need to consider to design a creative animation video. Read on as we break down what it takes to make an inspirational company culture video. 

5 Tips To Create Quality Animated Company Culture Videos

The following are tips and tricks you should keep in mind when making an animated company culture video. Let’s dive in. 

1. Find A Professional Animation Maker

The first thing before anything is to find the perfect software to help bring your video idea to life. Hiring a story animator is ideal, but why spend extra when it is straightforward to use an online video maker? The animation maker tool you choose can either make you or break you. The good thing is online animation sites are quite cheap, and animations are best for delivering concepts and ideas. 

Doratoon is an excellent, budget-friendly tool for beginners and experienced people to create animations. It can help you to improve internal comms by using amazing animated videos. Additionally, it offers templates to its users on different subjects, such as from orientation to the training session, that can facilitate the users to create a masterpiece faster and effortlessly. 

Features To Look For In Animation Software

Below are some features to look out for that can facilitate one to personalize their corporate video. 

  • AI Subtitling
  • PowerPoint Conversion
  • Timeline approach
  • AI Intelligent drawing
  • Ready-made templates

2. Know Your Goal And Who You Are Directing The Video To

To create a successful culture video, it is paramount to know your objective and audience. These videos can increase recruitment or give customers a deeper look into your brand. Also, one can use such videos for internal communications to help new employees adapt faster. An employer branding video focuses on why people love working at your company and the benefit it offers. But, if your goal is to strengthen customer relations and build loyalty, share the video on social media or in your marketing emails. If done right, it can convert casual clients into genuine customers. 

3. Pick The Most Appropriate Video Format

A company culture video can be produced in various formats, like:

  • Employee testimonials
  • A documentary-style video
  • “A day in your workplace” videos
  • A tour of the space
  • A video of your company’s community work
  • “Why do you love your company” style videos and more.

What’s important is to choose a format that best suits your goals, audience, and message you want to communicate. Additionally, you can mix the designs, like blending an employee chat video with snapshots of your workplace, to make a creative animation video that’s more exciting and engaging.

4. Make A Script 

A basic script helps you understand how to proceed, what to cover, and the shots you need to take. Scripting allows you to incorporate stories and strong imagery, making your video memorable. However, it’s best to encourage employees to express themselves freely for an interview or behind-the-scenes video. Also, create a storyboard that describes the action that will be taking place and how the animation will play. This helps to put your thoughts in writing and visualize your video ideas. Avoid unnecessary details or jumbled information by determining what needs to come first and what should come last. With that ready, get into the action to animate your video. 

5. Create The Animation Video & Nail The Distribution

I recommend Doratoon for its straightforward UI and ease of use to make quality animation videos. Here is how to produce animated videos quickly and hassle-free:

Steps To Make Animated Company Culture Videos

Step 1 – Navigate to Doratoon’s official website and hit the Sign Up button present at the top right corner to sign up and gain access to all features.

Step 2 – Click on the Workbench option present on the left side of the top menu. On the new screen, search for your preferred template or click the Create button option to take you to the main editing screen of Doratoon.

Step 3 – Now you can create and edit your animated video by using the features and options provided at the right, top and left side menus. These include adding shadows, animation effects, styles, filters, and more.

Step 4 – When you are done Preview the video and save the video by using the Export button.

Once you’ve got it right with the video, it’s perhaps time to share and think deeply about your distribution plan, as it mainly depends on the goal of your video. If you’re looking to publicize and humanize the brand for clients, share the video on social media and include it in your next email marketing campaign. For those looking to generate higher-quality leads for recruitment, share your video on LinkedIn and display it prominently on your website.

Popular Animated Company Culture Videos 

There are plenty of examples of cool animated company videos. We’ve listed what we hope will inspire you to make your own company culture videos. 

  1.  MMC (Makers Making Change) 

Makers Making Change is a non-profit organization from Vancouver, Canada. This animated business video aimed to provide an overview of what the company does and communicate its value proposition. Using simple animated characters and graphics, combined with creative storytelling, captures their target audiences’ attention and drives the message home.

  1. Starbucks

You don’t always have to think of complex ideas to make corporate videos. Starbucks made our list of best business animation videos with its simple animated video, which educates its viewers on how to choose and blend coffee beans to create new flavors. All with the help of the creative use of a corporate explainer video. 

  1.   Dr. Bill by RBC Bank

Using a product animation video is essential to any marketing strategy when introducing a new product to the market. This healthcare-based startup uses engaging business animation videos to promote the product and explain how it works. Product demo videos make it easy for potential customers to understand how your product solves their problem and why they should use it.


As discussed, company videos are a great way to bring your cultural values to life and show that you practice what you preach. The best part is, making such a video isn’t a hassle. Keep the tips discussed above in mind and use a video maker like Doratoon to make a solid corporate culture video for yourself. Applying animation to business video production requires creativity, little technical know-how, resources, and continuous development.

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