5 Ways to Use Social Media as a Design Business

5 Ways to Use Social Media as a Design Business

More than 4.7 billion people use social media in 2022. That’s a huge amount of potential customers right in front of you. So why let them go?

Social media can grow your design business without a monetary investment. All you need to know is how to use it effectively. And by this, we don’t mean you need to get more Facebook likes or story views.

Instead, you need to build your social media presence in a way that clients walk to you (metaphorically!). It should convert all those platform users into your customers. Here are 5-ways to make that happen!

Create a Strong Business Profile

First of all, sign up on all the top social media platforms and create a business profile. This is where you will post all your business-related content and interact with customers. So, it should reflect your brand in every aspect.

●     Set your business name as your username on all platforms.

●     Make an attractive logo and set it up as a profile picture.

●     Write a short and compelling bio to tell people what you do. Add your business location and details like opening hours. If you’ve got a website, attach the link.

All this will ensure that people get a clear impression on their first visit. They would know who you are and what you do as soon as they open the social media profile. This increases the possibility of them being interested in your business and exploring it further.

Focus More on Aesthetics

The human brain responds to images and colors fast. It is why a social media post with an image drives 10 times more engagement than other posts. This is a great advantage for design businesses!

If you focus more on uploading visual content, like sample designs, people will not only engage with your posts. But they will also notice how good you are at your work. The aesthetic visuals will serve as your portfolio and establish your credibility.

However, make sure to add your business logo to your photos. Other businesses may steal your images and use them to get customers.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to social media. The more regularly you post, the more active your profile becomes, and the more people see it. Algorithms push the active accounts up!

But this doesn’t mean you should post every day, though it would be great. You can post 3 to 4 times a week, and that will be fine too. Just be consistent with the posting schedule and upload content every week.

Once you start doing this, your social media profiles will gain followers and engagement. It will also remind existing customers of your service and encourage them to use it.

Partner with Influencers

Influencer marketing is very important to build genuine relationships with customers. In case you don’t know, influencers are content creators with huge followings on social media. People trust their word.

You can use this trust to your advantage by collaborating with an influencer. Offer them something for free in exchange for their review and recommendations. When they do so, people in their following will explore your business and potentially become customers.

Another way to get influencer reviews is to connect with them. Talk to them and build good PR relations with everyone in the design niche. This will encourage them to recommend your business for free!

Stay Human & Connect!

Last, but most importantly, don’t forget to be human on social media. You may have built a business profile, but people want to know the real you. Being emotional would help people connect with your business on a deeper level.

They will show interest when you’re honest and relatable. They will also feel more comfortable about reporting problems and asking questions. This will help you understand the market demand and offer better customer service.

A simple way to be human on social media is to respond to customers as you would respond to your friends and family. Adopt a semiformal tone and personalize the message by using your client’s name. Here’s an example:

“Hey Betty, we’re glad to know you like our designs! We are open to bookings from the 10th of this month. Please drop your contact details below so that we can update you on the latest availability 🙂”

Another way to be human is to add personality to your social media profile. Don’t just upload static images and promotional offers. Show people the behind-the-scenes and work updates.

Final Words

Social media is a very useful tool for businesses. It offers you free exposure to hundreds of people. You can use this opportunity to create brand awareness, increase sales, and boost customer satisfaction.

But, while doing so, keep one thing in mind. Social media algorithms are updated regularly, so don’t just create one strategy and stick to it. Keep experimenting to find ways that work the best for your design business. Good luck!

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