Automating Your Online Store To Success

Automating Your Online Store To Success

Running a business can be tough, not to mention time-consuming, and this goes for online businesses as well. Thankfully, you don’t have to do everything alone, even if you’re not yet at the point where you’re ready to take on team members. Automation is getting increasingly more advanced and reliable, and there could be several ways that it could help you take some of the workload off your shoulders, including the following examples.

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Better know and reach your customers

One of the driving forces of change in the eCommerce landscape, as of late, has been the collection of customer data. This data can be used to better target customers with advertisements, to understand their needs in the development of new products, and to create sites that are better at leading them to sales. AI-created lead capture forms can ensure that your customers are more likely to give the data you need at crucial points in their journey through your site without being so disruptive as to risk the chance of your own sales.

Keeping your e-commerce platform up-to-date is crucial for ensuring the security, functionality, and performance of your online store, especially if you operate your store on Magento. Magento upgrade refers to the process of updating an online store platform to a newer version of the platform. This involves installing the latest version of Magento and migrating all of the store’s data, settings, and customizations to the new version.

Reaching out to your customers

Email marketing and feedback solicitation play a huge role in many eCommerce businesses. With the aforementioned customer data, including purchase history, you can better recommend them products and sales through emails that are more likely to get them returned. There are tools that allow you to create mailing lists out of your customers automatically, using relevant data to categorize them for specific emails, such as shopping cart reminder emails, loyalty reward reminders, and more. This way, you can better target each customer with the emails that are most likely to get them re-engaged with your website.

Managing your marketplaces

If your business doesn’t sell from only its own website, but makes use of marketplaces run by others, then adjusting your products to better sell on those marketplaces can be very difficult indeed, since you need to keep your fingers in a lot of proverbial pies. Tools like Foxtail AI can make things a lot less demanding, by automating the process of adapting your listings to different site formats, as well as monitoring and adjusting things like pricing to better sell in different spaces for maximum profit and engagement.

Customer service digitized

In many cases, there are barriers stopping your customers from clicking on the button that finalizes their purchase, and removing those barriers is one of the most crucial functions of your customer service setup. However, if your business isn’t big enough to have service reps waiting to engage directly, what are you to do? Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated and more realistic by the day, able to answer specific questions, remember conversations, and recommend solutions more efficiently than even many human operators. Implementing them into your site could help you reduce the stress of dealing with customers by magnitudes.

You can’t quite trust AI and automated software to take care of the entire business for you and they will always need your supervising eye, but there’s no denying that you can free up a lot more time with the mindful use of such tools

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