How Can You Boost Lead Generation with the Right Web Design?

How Can You Boost Lead Generation with the Right Web Design?

Most visitors to your e-commerce store will not make a purchase, regardless of whether your products are desirable or how well you have priced them. There is no easy way to capture website visitors. Not on their first encounter, at least.

People need time to study or make a decision before they are willing to make a purchase. This is particularly true of online stores where potential customers cannot see and communicate visually with the brand before purchasing. In reality, 92% of customers are not ready to purchase their first trip to an online retailer. Alternatively, individuals only become clients during future trips.

Since many first-time visitors will never come to your page, you need to identify these people to increase the likelihood that they will return and make a purchase. Collecting email addresses is one of the most successful ways to achieve it. Here are the topmost popular and innovative ways to capture email addresses from your website.

Engaging Popups

Popups are currently the most popular way to collect email addresses online. You’ve undoubtedly seen them showing up in the middle of your monitor while loading the site. This method is old but gold.

Their web ubiquity is attributable to their simplicity of setting up and productivity. Their simplicity of set-up and low cost contributes to their popularity. A highly effective way to capture website visitors and increase the number of signups you get is to attach a button to your page with an email form.

Static Top Bar for Email

Adding a small thin bar at the top of your website that remains at the top of your visitors’ screens when moving down the page will command their sheer focus without being distracting. Such bars are typically used to alert visitors of an upgrade or notification, but there is no reason you can’t attach an email address box, and a subscribe key to it.

This is among the best ways to capture website visitors’ email addresses without seeming too annoying or greedy. Since the sticky top bar is in such a visible part of your page, you ensure everyone gets the chance to sign up to your email list if they want to.

Sidebar Forms for Email Addresses

Sidebars are a growing website navigation feature. Although their primary purpose is to provide connections to other sites for users, there is always plenty of space for additional content to be included.

Its size and continuation down the page length render them perfect for a rectangular graphic showing the opt-in opportunity to capture website visitors’ email addresses. Including a subscription box here will give you plenty of visibility without distracting your visitors.

Invest In Your Future

Unless you send an email to your subscribers, collecting visitor email addresses to add to your list will not do much for your business. Email marketing promotions are a great way to boost your revenue. You can contact Jeremy McGilvrey, a top web design firms in Houston, and they can help you set up the method above or offer something customized for your website.

So, ensure you employ the least distracting yet most engaging ways to capture website visitors’ email addresses. Once you have the list, use it to either create a cold traffic funnel or a direct marketing campaign. The choice is yours.

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