How to Use Twitch Tags to Increase Your Viewership?

How to Use Twitch Tags to Increase Your Viewership?

Twitch Tags are the words that describe a live stream more than just the category of broadcast or game. These work just like the hashtags on Instagram. If you want to gain exposure and boost Twitch followers, it’s important to know about these tags.

In today’s article, we will discuss what they are and how to use them to increase your viewership. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Are Twitch Tags?

Twitch tags are a stream optimization feature. These are descriptive words that show up alongside each stream thumbnail and title. Their purpose is to tell the viewer what the stream is about.

The tags also serve as a way to find related content easily. When a viewer clicks on a tag, all the relevant streams pop up on Twitch. So, the tags group together similar content.

For a streamer, this means:

●     They can attract more viewers by giving people an insight into the stream.

●     They can direct traffic from one high-performing stream to another stream on the same topic.

●     They can boost stream visibility when a viewer searches on Twitch.

Types of Twitch Tags

There are 3-primary types of Twitch tags. Although each of them works the same, knowing the difference between them is important for better stream optimization.

Automatic Tags

These are the tags that Twitch applies. It first reviews your video and then adds relevant tags. Usually, they describe the language or famous characters used. It may also describe in-game activities like Drops enabled and Proving Grounds.

Category Tags

The category tags are also applied automatically to the stream. However, they only tell the type of stream, like what game is being played.

Custom Tags

This is a relatively new addition to Twitch tags. Creators can add custom tags to better describe their streams and help people find them. There’s no review time, though Twitch keeps a strict eye on abusive or inappropriate tags.

How to Use Twitch Tags to Increase Your Viewership?

Now that we know what Twitch tags are and their benefits. Let’s learn how to use them to increase your viewership!

  1. Click on the Twitch profile menu.
  2. Open Creator Dashboard.
  3. Go to Stream Manager and click on Edit Stream Info.
  4. Add custom tags in the provided section. You can add up to 10 tags.
  5. Click on Save.

When doing so, make sure you add only relevant tags. It’s better to have a look at your competitors and see what tags they have used on their top-performing videos. If the topic is similar to your stream, there’s no harm in using some of those tags.

This will help you understand which tags work best on Twitch. Also, avoid adding any tags that go against Twitch’s guidelines. The platform will delete any such tag and may issue you a warning.

Lastly, don’t lose hope and keep experimenting. The stream tags can always be changed. So, if one combination of tags does not work, there’s no need to be stressed. Edit the combination until you find the perfect one!

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