3 Cryptos With 50x Potential That You Should Get Today

3 Cryptos With 50x Potential That You Should Get Today

Gone are the days when Cryptocurrencies only crypto superstar meant influential coins like Bitcoin. At present, many new Crypto projects are performing pretty well. You can invest in these Cryptocurrencies and expect a decent return from the same.

There are many new projects in the Crypto market at present. All these coins are competing against each other to be in the best position amidst the crowd. But, experts are predicting that there are few fresh projects which have the potential to get up to 50x pretty soon! Let’s see which are the best options to invest in!

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In Now

Though the Crypto industry seems quite crowded and volatile in the present context, there are some good options to invest in as well. We have tried to include the best 3 options in the Crypto industry at present, that you can count on!


The first one on our list is Golteum, which is highly discussed now. This project is backed by Gold, and that too is the physical asset! The utility token of this ecosystem is GLTM. If you are looking for an amazing Crypto project amidst the bearish trend of the industry, this one’s for you! The main aim of this ecosystem is to lead the first step towards virtually fractionalizing gold.

Gold is the first option that comes to mind during heavy inflation and fluctuations. And to offer a similar assurance to Gold, this project has partnered with Fireblocks. Also, they want to launch the best trading outlet and for this, they joined the Web3 Engine of Fireblocks.

This platform will consist of custody service, risk, and treasury management tools. Besides this, it will also have a tokenizing mechanism to handle its users’ gold NFTs. It is making gold accessible for investors of all income groups by giving them a form of NFTs.


For investors who are into Metaverse, this will be an amazing option for them. This platform offers a combination of NFTs and robots to help you while playing. Also, these robots have their thoughts and emotions. And, they have different ideologies, to enhance your experience in virtual reality!

In this ecosystem, you can build NFTs, design the worlds, or rebuild the planet to make it glorious. Besides that, you can explore the parks, host concerts, manage the ecosystem, and much more!

And earning profits will be fun through the games. This outlet is powered by a TARO token and you need it to enjoy your games here! And this token is in the presale stage, which makes it a good time to get it. This will enhance your chances of getting higher returns as experts believe this project has 50x potential!


This is a recent release in the market and is a card game. The cards will reflect different characters and abilities, and you can compete in the tournaments with them. To win the game, you will have to use decent strategies against your competitors. After winning the games, you will get upgrades or rewards!

The Blockchain network lets you have virtual ownership and you will be able to own the in-game resources. You can get these resources by investing in this ecosystem or playing these games.

$RIA is the native token of this platform and you can buy in-built items with these tokens. Besides this token, there is another token called $eRIA. With it, you can either opt for upgrading your cards or buying NFT tokens! This token is in the presale stage and it is on the 5th one.

You can get 30.77 $RIA with around 1 USDT. This sums up, that it is the right time to invest in the project. It has 50x potential as per the experts and you can invest in it to earn a good amount of returns later!


Amidst these ongoing bearish situations in the Cryptocurrency industry, these new coins reflect hope for investors. This is the best time to invest in these coins!

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