The 6 Most Popular Reddit Recommended Fiction eBooks

The 6 Most Popular Reddit Recommended Fiction eBooks

The 6 Most Popular Reddit Recommended Fiction eBooks

Reddit is the most popular online forum where users can share their thoughts on various topics. Many users are dedicated to a specific genre and topic, making it easier for users to find resources regarding their favorite subject. Reddit has millions of users from all walks of life who spend hours each day browsing posts on thousands of different topics. The world of eBooks is multiplying, and many niche markets are thriving. There are thousands of freely accessible online resources like z library, LibGen, and Project Gutenberg, which offers all the latest and classic eBook favorites for individuals of any age. Here are the six most popular fiction eBooks recommended by Reddit users to satisfy your reading needs!

1.    Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan

Olivia McAfee is aware of how to begin again. Asher’s perfect life in Boston, where she married a skilled cardiothoracic surgeon and raised a handsome kid, came tumbling down when her spouse revealed a troubled past. She never expected that one day she would return to her serene hometown, live in the home she had grown up in, and take over her father’s business. Lily is used to having second chances. And for a while, Lily and Olivia want nothing more than these new beginnings. When Asher develops feelings for the new girl at school, Lily cannot help but develop feelings for him. She is joyful for the first time because of Ash. However, she only sometimes feels confident in her ability to trust him. Later, Olivia gets a call informing her that Lily has passed away and that the police are investigating Asher.

2.    Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult

Diana O’Toole is on the right path. By the time she is 30, she aims to get married and move to the outskirts of New York while also working her way up the corporate ladder in the competitive art industry auctions. Although she isn’t yet married, she is aware that her partner, Finn, a surgical resident, is preparing to pop the question on their romantic trip days until her birthday. Perfectly timed. On the night of their journey, Finn delivers the information that the hospital needs all hands on deck due to a virus that seems to have suddenly arrived in the town. He is required to remain. He convinces her that she must still travel since it would be a pity for their entire expensive vacation to be wasted. She moves on, reluctance evident. Diana’s fantasy trip quickly goes wrong. She is stuck there until the ports reopen since the island is currently isolated. She must step beyond her comfort zone since she is alone.

3.    Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

Sam Masur leaves a subway vehicle on a freezing day in December of his junior year at Harvard and spots Sadie Green among the crowds of individuals lining up on the platform. She hears his name. She first acts as though she hasn’t heard him, but as she comes around, a sport that would catapult them to fame starts. These childhood buddies borrow money, ask for favors, and even before they graduate from college, they have produced their first big-budget film, Ichigo. The entire globe is theirs suddenly. Sam and Sadie are clever, wealthy, and just 25 years old, but these attributes won’t shield them from their artistic aspirations or the deceits of their emotions.

 4.    Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng

Bird Gardner, 12, and his devoted but damaged father, a brilliant linguist who now works as a librarian in a campus library, have peaceful lives. Bird knows there is a proper amount of questioning, standing out, and wandering. Their daily lives have been ruled for ten years by rules created to protect American culture amid unrest and socioeconomic upheaval. The government is now permitted to transfer dissidents’ kids, particularly those of Asian descent, and libraries have been ordered to eliminate works seen as disloyal, including the poetry of Bird’s mom, Margaret, a Chinese American poet who left the family when he was nine years old. Bird has spent his entire life disowning his mother and her poetry; he is unaware of her work or what has happened to her and is aware that he shouldn’t be curious. But he is compelled to search for her after receiving an enigmatic message only accompanied by a puzzling artwork.

 5.    Olga Dies Dreaming by Xóchitl González

In 2017, Pedro “Prieto” Acevedo, Olga’s brother, and they are well-known figures in their own New York. In Brooklyn, where they live in a redeveloping Latinx area, Prieto is a well-liked congressman, and Olga is a posh wedding planner for Manhattan’s power players. Even though they lead glamorous lives in public, circumstances are far less pleasant when alone. Olga may be able to plan the romantic lives of the 1%, but she has trouble finding her own. That is until she encounters Matteo, who compels her to face the repercussions of long-held dark secrets. Their mom, Blanca, a Little Lord-turned-radical, deserted them 27 years ago to support a violent political movement, abandoning them in the care of their grandma. With the start of storm season, Blanca has returned with a vengeance.

 6.    Nightcrawling by Leila Mottley

Kiara and her brother Marcus are making ends meet in the Regal-Hi, an East Oakland apartment building. They both dropped out of school, and tragedy and incarceration have shattered their families. However, Kiara looks for employment to cover their increased rent and protect the nine-year-old child next door, who his mother, secure and nourished, left. At the same time, Marcus sticks to his ambition of becoming a famous rapper. One night, what starts as an intoxicated miscommunication with a stranger develops into the profession Kiara never anticipated needing nightcrawling. When her name appears in a probe that identifies her as a crucial witness in a significant scandal surrounding the Oakland Police Department, her lifestyle is further upended.


Reddit is a must-visit platform to locate all the must-read eBooks from any genre. It is a famous forum platform where you can ask individuals of different ages from across the globe various questions for your digital library. We hope this guide was handy for you to find the best reads that are recommended from Reddit!

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