What are Mythic Plus boosts and should I have one?

What are Mythic Plus boosts and should I have one?

Mythic Plus dungeons have recently become one of the staples of the modern World of Warcraft experience. If you know someone who plays WoW or if you spend at least several hours per week in the game yourself, chances are M+ is at least mentioned in your conversations. It’s what most players have regular experience with and it’s not surprising: raids and arenas are too daunting for the majority while M+ is “just right” for basically anyone. And one of the biggest factors that makes M+ much more accessible is boosting. What? How? Read on to learn more!

What are Mythic Plus dungeons?

Let’s start with the basics. Mythic Plus dungeons is a game mode introduced in the Legion expansion back in 2016. It’s been 7 years since we first stepped into our first M+ instance and that was a pivotal moment for the game.

M+ does a simple thing: it adds a timer to dungeons and lets you make the dungeon harder with each run. The rewards become better too and there’s also rankings for you to see how successful you are compared to others. So it makes one of the most understandable and compact game activities (dungeons) and adds competitiveness and better rewards to it. Speaking of which…

What are the rewards of M+ dungeons?

The rewards are an important part of Mythic Plus’ appeal. The thing is, they are on par with those from raids and arena. That means that you can get equally good armor and weapons from dungeons as from the hardest game modes.

But you don’t get freebies. M+ dungeons only let you have those incredibly strong items if you prove your worth at their hardest levels. Alas, some effort will still be required. But at least you won’t need lots of people (just 4 teammates, unlike in raids where the minimum squad size is 10) or have to fight against other players (like in the arena). So the advantages are apparent.

M+ dungeons have 2 types of rewards:

  • The ones you get right after beating a dungeon
  • The ones you get after the weekly reset from the vault

The former are straightforward: you beat the final boss of the instance, you get a chest containing valuable stuff. The latter takes more understanding of how the game works: you can only get powerful rewards once a week. After the weekly reset you can visit a special treasury room in the current capital of the expansion (Valdrakken) and check your weekly vault. You’ll find the rewards earned during the previous week there, including those from M+ dungeons. You can only take one such item per week and it’s usually stronger than the rewards you get right after beating a dungeon.

So how can M+ dungeons be boosted?

It’s pretty easy. You get a team of professional players and they help you complete the dungeon. If you can’t beat, say, an M+8 with PUGs or friends, feel free to turn to pros for help and we’ll do that like no problem. However, M+8 is not really a challenge. Think of M+10, M+15, and M+20, as they are the most popular options among customers of such boosts. We know that for sure since we see such services bought daily in our boost store ArmadaBoost.

There are 2 ways to get boosted in M+:

  • You play your character yourself during the boost
  • You let our team do the whole thing including controlling your character

The former is what you think it is: you get invited to a group with our pros and together you beat a dungeon. The other option is even more convenient: you let one of our pros enter your account and they control your character during the boost while you’re doing some other stuff.

What kinds of boosts are there?

Mythic Plus boosts come in various flavours but here are the most popular ones:

Those numbers like “15”, “20”, and “10” denote the level of the dungeon. The higher the level, the more difficult the dungeon is and the better is the reward coming from it. The “Keystone Master boost” is about completing several high-level dungeons under particular circumstances to get a special seasonal achievement and a unique seasonal mount.

If you want to learn more about Mythic+ boosts, consider checking ArmadaBoost’s dedicated section. You will find services like WoW Mythic 15 carry there and many more others. Our products are fairly priced and get updated several times a week in this regard – we want to make sure that our customers get the best deals on the market. So don’t wait – discover our services today!

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