What is an automated calling system and how can it help you make more sales?

What is an automated calling system and how can it help you make more sales?

We all seek solutions to find new sales opportunities, grow our revenue and find new customers and markets to help our business to move forward and scale up.

Cold calling is an old but gold solution for growing your lead base, finding new customers, and boosting your income. Anyhow, it is difficult to make cold calls without an automated calling system because it is a very time consuming and effortful process. If you want your cold calling strategy to generate you money, you need to use some tips and best practices that will optimize and improve efficiency of your cold calling campaigns.

On the one hand, there are many techniques and tricks for cold calling that can really boost your performance and bring you some new customers. On the other hand, it is very difficult to overcome your competitors without using modern technologies nowadays.

Automated calling system is a solution that can be considered modern and make your cold calling strategy work and show results you expected.

What is an automated calling system?

Automated calling system is a software tool that automates cold calling processes and boosts the performance of your cold calling campaigns. In other words, an automated calling system that automatically dials phone numbers from your contact lists, sets up redialing rules for unsuccessful calls, gathers statistical data, and focuses on providing the highest possible agent occupancy as well as the best performance. In short, an automated calling system is the software that can perform up to three times more effectively than human agents.

How does automated calling software work?

There isn’t any single solution that would be called an automated calling system. The most popular way of classification for automated calling software systems segments automated calling solutions into three main groups – Predictive dialers, Power Dialers, and Preview dialers.

Nonetheless, all of these automated calling software solutions work quite the same. You get your contact list, import it into the automated call system, and start the campaign. Afterwards, the system starts dialing based on its algorithm and specifics of campaign settings.

Types of automated calling systems

Predictive dialer

Predictive dialer is the fastest automated calling system in the world. It has the most advanced algorithm that allows the system to process over 100 phone numbers per hour. By saying process, we mean that a predictive dialer can easily perform 100 dials per hour. Would you compare it with manual dialing? Easily! Manually you can do around 30 or maybe 35 dial attempts per hour. Predictive dialer holds its name because of its main feature – this system can analyze and predict the moment when the conversation with the prospect will be over, so it starts dialing even when the agent is still talking and the new call will be linked to the agent immediately when the previous one ends. Response rate of the predictive dollar is also the highest in the market – around 75%.

Power dialer

Power dialer is a “younger brother” of predictive dialer.

It isn’t as fast as a predictive dialer is, so it performs around 75 dials per hour, and the response rate can vary from 50% up to 75% because it depends on the quality of your contact list or lead base. On the other hand, power dialer has some advantages and unique features that aren’t offered by a predictive dialer. For instance, power dialer requires only one operator to be all set and operate correctly, while predictive dialer needs at least five operators to be all set. Secondly, power dialer can cause no dropped calls, while poorly configured predictive dialer can – and take into account that in some countries getting 2% or 3% of your calls dropped is illegal and it is a reason to be fined. Finally, the power dialer can leave voicemail drops, and that’s a great feature because around 20% of your calls will get the call back if you leave a voicemail drop.

Preview dialer

Preview dialer is the slowest automated call system but it is designed to resolve tasks that are related to hurry. Preview dialer is called so because you can look at customer cards with detailed data about this customer before each dialing attempt. This makes the preview dialer the only automated calling system that is totally focused on personalization. Also, you can choose whether to call each next prospect or not, while the power dialer calls each prospect one by one. Dialing speed of a preview dialer is around 50 dialing attempts per hour with over 50% of success rate, but it can also be over 70% if you use a high-quality contact list.

To end the story about the types of automated calling software systems, let us say that there is another meaning for automated call software systems. Some people use the term automated calling system for automated calls sent via that IVR system. These automated calls are pre-recorded messages sent as calls to all phone numbers from chosen contact list. Such calls are often used to collect feedback and remind customers about crucial information such as delivery status or updates. Basically, this kind of automated calls isn’t about cold calling but more about following up your current customers.

We also have to mention that all types of automated dialers can run multiple campaigns at the same time, share statistics, set up customizable redialing rules, and be integrated with other tools such as CRM systems or contact center software.

Where to get an automated calling system?

As you can see, manual dialing has no chance in comparison to automated call systems. Much faster dialing speed, higher conversion rates, better agent occupancy and satisfaction, ability to track your performance and stats, and many other features make manual dialing useless. But now there is another question – where to purchase a multifunctional and advanced automated calling system?

Fortunately, we have a great deal for you – check out the capabilities and all the features of Voiptime Cloud contact center solution with automated calling system to see all benefits you can get from it. It can offer you much more than just cold calling capabilities.

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