12 Best Cities to Visit in Europe

12 Best Cities to Visit in Europe

Traveling through Europe can be quite an adventure. The entire continent is rich in history and culture of different kinds that are well-worth exploring. It all depends on the preferences but Europe definitely has something for everybody.

While some people visit major European cities for historical significance and landmarks, others refer to reliable sources like casinos.com, for example, to help them find a unique land-based casino experience. Others, on the other hand, completely avoid urban landscapes and prefer to explore many of the natural wonders that Europe has to offer.

As previously mentioned, there’s something for everyone in Europe. This is especially true when it comes to major cities in Europe. You’d think that each city has something unique that differentiates it from the rest and it does.

However, in most cases, European cities are a fine blend of different cultures, traditions and unique features like cuisine from all corners of the world. So with that in mind, here are a couple of best cities to visit while traveling through Europe.

12 Best Cities to Visit in Europe

1. Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome as they say, which is definitely a false statement today but it is quite worth it to take a bit of a detour and visit this magnificent city. Rome is a city filled with centuries of rich history, culture and, of course, amazing Italian cuisine. From the Vatican City to the Pantheon and Colosseum, there are plenty of things in Rome that will leave you in awe. 

2. London, England

If you can say there’s something iconic about a specific city that’s most definitely London. From unique taxis, buses and even phone booths, London is an epitome of uniqueness. Over the years, many different people from different backgrounds and cultures have come to London, turning this city into an awesome mix of styles and ways of life. If you’re looking for an experience like no other, you can also visit the biggest casino in London, Empire Casino.

3. Dublin, Ireland

A perfect mix of medieval and modern style, Dublin is a city founded on tradition and rich history. The very gem of the emerald isle, Dublin is a city that you should definitely visit at least once in your lifetime. After all, who wouldn’t want to go to the very source of Guinness beer?

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Copenhagen is a colorful city to say the least. You know there’s a good reason why Danes are considered to be the happiest people in the world and their powerful energy is reflected in their cities, especially Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Built on canals and focused on comfort and lifestyle, this city will impress even the most unimpressionable of people.

5. Stockholm, Sweden

Another capital of one of the Nordic countries, Stockholm is the very gem of Sweden. Unique in both architecture and culture, this city is one of the most beautiful capitals in all of Europe. Surrounded by 14 different islands, Stockholm will provide you with a unique sense of adventure the moment you step foot on its streets.

6. Oslo, Norway

The Scandinavian Peninsula is renowned for its glorious beauty and natural wonders and at its heart lies Oslo, the capital of Norway. Oslo has a unique magic to it that draws people from all over the world to come and visit. Rich in culture, history and outdoor activities, Oslo will keep you entertained for as long as you stay there.

7. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is often referred to as the country of ice and fire due to its unique landscape. Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, is one of a kind city in Europe that is well-worth the trip and visit. Deemed as one of the safest cities in the world, Reykjavik has something for everyone from active nightlife to established music scene.

8. Athens, Greece

Inhabited since around 5000 B.C. Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Deeply founded in ancient Greek culture and traditions, this city is a true European gem. The cradle of democracy and Western civilization, Athens is the city that has everything one might want to see during their lifetime. Not only that but Athens opens the doors to the rest of Greece and the entirety of the Mediterranean region, meaning you can literally go anywhere for Athens.

9. Berlin, Germany

Berlin has undergone significant changes during its long history, which means this city is constantly evolving culturally and historically. No matter how old or young you may be, Berlin can accommodate anyone and provide you with a unique experience that only this amazing city can offer.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most unique cities in Europe. A fine blend of history, bohemian attitude and different cultural offerings, Prague is definitely a city worth visiting. People argue that Czech beer is one of the finest in the world topping even Belgian blends. Whether or not that’s true, you’ll have to discover for yourself.

11. Budapest, Hungary

Built around the river Danube, Budapest is a city that doesn’t leave you empty handed when it comes to experience. Some of the greatest architectural marvels are located in Budapest and this city, although it may seem like it’s slumbering most of the time, is actually quite lively. The uniqueness of this city cannot be described. It has to be experienced in person.

12. Madrid, Spain

An artistic marvel of a city, Madrid breathes elegance and style, as well as energy that will keep you on your toes. The entire country of Spain has a particular vibe that’s difficult not to notice but Madrid goes a step further than that. This city will leave you in awe more than any other city in Europe.

Closing Words

Every city in Europe is worth visiting for one reason or another but it all comes down to personal preferences and, of course, budget. Some cities are much more expensive than others but then again, it’s all about the moment and the experience. That’s why everyone should take the opportunity to visit some of the best cities in Europe the first chance they get.

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