4 Non-combat Activities That Positively Affect Your Space Awareness in Octagon

4 Non-combat Activities That Positively Affect Your Space Awareness in Octagon

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Welcome to Octagon! This is an immersive game of strategy and tactics, where your success hinges on how well you understand the environment around you. To help improve your spatial awareness in this game, we’ve compiled a list of 6 non-combat activities that can help you become better acquainted with Octagon’s unique terrain. You’ll learn to identify potential opportunities that could lead to victory with practice. So let’s dive in.

Play Gel Blasting

One of the best ways to get a lay of the land is by playing gel blasting, which essentially involves shooting soft plastic pellets at opponents in an arena. Gel blasting gives you an opportunity to explore different parts of the map and learn how to use terrain features such as walls, rocks, and buildings for cover or advantage. Moreover, gel blasting is one of the best pastimes for honing your quick reaction time, as you’ll need to react quickly to avoid getting hit. It’s an incredibly fun game that allows you to practice your strategy, coordination, and accuracy while engaging in a thrilling fight with friends or strangers.

So if you’re looking for a great way to pass the time and get some exercise, gel blasting is definitely worth checking out. Ensure to wear the right protective gear before playing; you’ll be all set for a super fun game of gel blasting.

Master Basic Movement Techniques

Being able to move around the map quickly and without being detected is essential for success in Octagon. To do this, practicing basic movement techniques such as crouching, rolling, sprinting, and sliding is important. These movements will help you become familiar with the terrain of each map and improve your spatial awareness so that the paths you take are much more effective for getting to your desired destination without being seen.

Plus, mastering basic movements will help you avoid getting “jumped” by enemies who may be lying in wait. Learning to move quickly and stealthily is a valuable skill that can help you get the upper hand in battles, so practice these techniques regularly.

Explore Different Routes

Although it may be tempting to stick to the same route you’re familiar with, the best way to understand Octagon’s layout is by exploring different areas. When you take a new route, take notice of any shops or restaurants that catch your eye or any side streets or alleyways you may have missed before.

Use these opportunities to find new shortcuts and get the lay of the land. If you can, try to walk the route multiple times in order to really get to know it. You may even discover new places you wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

Win The Positioning Battle

Positioning is key for success in Octagon, so it pays to take the time to practice your positioning. This involves learning how to use terrain features such as walls and buildings to gain a tactical advantage. Depending on the situation, you can also learn how to make the most of high ground or low ground.

It’s also important to practice your spatial awareness when it comes to positioning. Try to anticipate your opponent’s moves as well as their potential routes, and take note of any hiding places they may use. By doing this, you can be prepared for anything that comes your way and give yourself a better chance of winning the positioning battle.

So there you have 4 non-combat activities that can help you become better acquainted with Octagon’s unique terrain and spatial awareness. Whether you choose to play gel blasting, visit the art gallery, explore different routes, or go on a drone tour, these activities will give you a chance to get out and experience all that Octagon has to offer. So go ahead, grab your map, and get out there! You’re sure to uncover some hidden gems and maybe even surprise yourself with what you can find.

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