Employee Engagement: Pitfalls To Avoid in 2023!

Employee Engagement: Pitfalls To Avoid in 2023!

Engaged workers are more likely to go above and above in their work, and many already do so of their own accord. The investment your firm makes in an engaged workforce is more likely to pay off in the form of increased productivity and employee retention. Attempts to motivate workers might backfire if carried to extremes, though. You need to steer clear of these mistakes if you want your employee engagement plan to succeed in the long run.

Improper Alignment:

The inherent loneliness of working remotely is a huge barrier to creating and maintaining employee engagement. It’s easy for managers to overlook the people who aren’t immediately in front of their eyes when trying to foster a sense of community. The fear of alienation from the workplace culture is real. Workers must see the big picture and appreciate how their work fits in. One of the most important things that can boost engagement in the workplace is when individual ambitions mesh with those of the firm as a whole. Lacking it, remote workers are likelier to feel like they’re on their own than contributing to a team effort.

Building a group that interacts outside of work should be a top priority. Give everyone a chance to share their opinions. Strive for a sense of team that can thrive without constant contact with one another. You may implement this idea of a shared space more efficiently with employee engagement tools. Employees can use this as a place to socialize and network with one another. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to be heard, whether remote workers or employees in a physical location.

Making deadlines and targets that are too ambitious:

Setting goals that are too easy to achieve is counterproductive because it hides the genuine capability of the individual. Do not make them so outlandish that they frighten your staff, though. Goals and deadlines should be established only after carefully considering their potential impact on the company and its culture of operations. When not achieved, these objectives have the opposite effect of what was intended: they undermine morale rather than bolster it.

Lack of an action plan for staff engagement:

To ensure that you are continually focusing on employee engagement, the first and most important thing you should do is design an action plan. Your staff will be aware if you only promise to be more engaged for one week and then do nothing about it. If necessary, form a planning committee to get the ideas moving. You’d be shocked at how much of an impact buying a dozen donuts and some coffee can have on involvement. Start modestly, but have a deliverable-filled action plan.

The Failure to Acknowledge:

If you have many remote workers, one of the essential factors in keeping them engaged is preventing them from feeling underappreciated. Be sure that your compensation plan is fair and equitable for all employees. While your in-office staff will be eager to celebrate a successful week with early dismissal and drinks on Friday, those working from home may feel left out and lonely. Because of this, it may not be easy to keep employees interested and committed. Please do your best to ensure everyone on the team, no matter where they are, can see and feel the benefits of any reward system. Regular recognition should be an integral part of your company’s culture and complement a clear method for rewarding employees. Verbal praise, such as a remark in the hallway, a daily briefing to the staff, or a recognition of a job well done at the time, is an easy approach to accomplish with in-house employees.


Increasing employee engagement is a problem for any company, but yours has specific challenges. Read the Full Blink reviews to learn more about how software like Blink may boost employee engagement. Managers can learn valuable insights from their workers through face-to-face interactions and should be taught how to facilitate them. To continuously enhance your company’s operations, it is essential to solicit suggestions for new and better ways to employ technology.

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