How Interest in Ancient Cultures Has Spilled Over into Slots and TV Shows

How Interest in Ancient Cultures Has Spilled Over into Slots and TV Shows

Humans have always had a keen interest in finding out about what went on in the world centuries ago. Still, modern technology and the number of different entertainment options now open to us mean that doing this is easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

The Slots That Explore Ancient Worlds

One aspect of casino slots in recent times has been the way that new themes have been brought in alongside classic slot themes. When you play online slot games at the Betfair casino, for example, you’ll see many titles based on past civilizations, featuring some of the most recognizable images from each culture. They sit alongside games on varied subjects, such as rampaging animals and fishing adventures, meaning that this is now just one of the different ways of playing that are on offer.

The Age of Gods series by Playtech is arguably the most popular example of this genre. This developer has created a series of games based on ancient mythology, with the latest release sub-titled God of Storms. The key character is Aeolus, who was the divine keeper of the winds in Greek Mythology, keeping control of the powerful Storm Winds on his island home. This theme is reflected in features like the Wild Wind Respins, where Aeolus is capable of blowing wild symbols across the reels to form winning lines.

Azteca Bonus Lines gives us a look back at the Aztec civilization that controlled Central America in the 15th and 16th centuries. This game is also by Playtech and it has a bright colorful look that fits the theme neatly. A background of pyramids and palm trees set the scene, with Aztec-style images used as the main symbols. Unlike God of Storms, they’ve decided not to introduce elements of the culture in the bonus features, sticking to more traditional features rather than adding in the likes of the Mesoamerican ball game that was the most popular Aztec sport.

TV Series That Explore Old Cultures

Perhaps it was the Viking series on the History Channel that first sparked the public’s interest in this type of historical TV show. First shown in 2013, it proved to be a massive success and carried on for six seasons followed by the release of a sequel called Vikings: Valhalla in early 2022. This show helped to reveal to us how the Vikings lived and also to dispel some of the myths about them that many people still believe, and it was done in an entertaining way that didn’t feel like a history lesson.

Among the newer releases on this subject, the History Channel has created the ambitiously titled series The Nabataeans: The Final Days of Petra. This look at the incredible city carved out of stone in the desert in Jordan shows the rise and fall of the Nabataean culture. Described as fiercely independent and gifted artists, these people created wonderful pottery as well as the spectacular city of Petra that’s featured in movies like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as well as The Mummy Returns, and several others. The way that our love of finding out about ancient cultures has merged with popular forms of entertainment should help more people to discover fascinating facts. This trend seems likely to continue, as game developers and TV producers turn their attention to more cultures that they want to show us.

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