Inverter Buying Guide 101: Features, Inverter for Home Price, Where to Buy

Inverter Buying Guide 101: Features, Inverter for Home Price, Where to Buy

Power cuts is always an inconvenience for households. But thankfully, such inconvenience is avoidable. You can use an inverter to easily survive frequent and long power cuts. But to do that, you first need to have the right inverter.

In this guide, we will discuss how to buy the right inverter for you. We will also cover different features of inverters, inverter for home price, and the right place to buy. Let’s get started. 

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Types of Inverters

Generally, inverters come in the following three types:

  1. Pure Sine-Wave Inverter: This inverter type is capable of adjusting voltage according to the power requirement. It is considered best for sensitive home appliances.
  2. Modified Sine-Wave Inverters: This inverter type might take a few minutes to start; however, it offers a smooth transition.
  3. Square Wave: This type is used only for rudimentary appliances.

Selecting the Right Inverter

Choosing the right inverter for your home can be broken down into four easy steps. These steps are:

  1. Calculating the power usage
  2. Knowing the maximum power limit
  3. Determining the battery size
  4. Considering inverter for home price

Now, let’s understand these steps one by one.

  1. Calculating the power usage

You need to know how much power your appliances consume while you run them on the inverter. You can calculate it simply by adding the power of electrical appliances in Watts. Remember not to add the power of appliances that you don’t want to run on the inverter. For example, an AC or a refrigerator.

  • Knowing the maximum power limit

In an ideal condition, the power supplied by an inverter is equal to the power consumed by the appliances. But achieving 100% efficiency is not practically possible. So, you need to know the efficiency of the inverter and its maximum power limit.

Generally, 756-1000 W inverters are most suitable for homes. These inverters offer the most value at the best inverter for home price. At an efficiency of 60% to 80%, these inverters are capable of running daily-use electrical appliances such as fans, tube lights, and televisions.

  • Determining the right battery size

Batteries are selected by their capacity. A higher-capacity battery can run appliances for long hours and vice versa. To know the capacity, you are going to require, you have to determine the period for which you want to run the appliances on the inverter.

An average battery used at homes has a capacity of 12V. To know the right power capacity, you have to multiply the total power demand and the consumption time. Divide the result by 12, and you will get the right battery capacity. There are also online calculators that can help you determine the power requirements for your house.

  • Considering inverter for home price

There are multiple factors that determine the inverter for home price. The main ones are:

● The VA rating of the inverter

● Battery Capacity

● The type of inverter (pure sinewave, modified sine-wave, or square wave)

● The type of battery (flat plate battery, tubular battery, gel battery

If you go for a top-notch power solution brand like Luminous, you can get an inverter for home priced at an affordable range. You can also check the discounts or seasonal offers and save some bucks.

 Summing It Up

Inverters are something that we don’t buy regularly. If you get the right inverter, it can provide backup for many years. So, it is worth spending some time determining the right inverter type, size, battery capacity, and inverter for home price. Considering these factors will definitely help you get the best inverter for your home.

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