What is a Temp Phone Number for SMS and Registration

What is a Temp Phone Number for SMS and Registration

If you’re a frequent user of various social media and online services, you probably know that in order to register on almost every resource, it’s mandatory to verify your phone number by accepting a text message. By posting your main phone number you run the risk of receiving a lot of spam calls and text messages from bots that scan such databases looking for phone numbers.

So if you don’t want to give anyone your main phone number when you register online, read how to set up temporary phone numbers, also known as «virtual» phone numbers.

What is a Temp Phone Number for SMS and Registration

What is a temp phone number and what are its benefits

A temp phone number is a number that can be used for a short period of time to receive SMS messages. It is usually used when registering with online services that require proof of identity via SMS code.

Advantages of temp internet phone numbers:

  • Security. A temporary phone number can help to protect your personal information and privacy as you do not reveal your main phone number.
  • Anonymity. You can use a temporary phone number to create an anonymous profile on social networks or other online services.
  • Convenience. Using a temporary phone number can be much more convenient because you can use it from any device with Internet access: laptops, tablets, computers, smartphones.
  • Saves time and money. Some online services may offer the use of temporary phone numbers for free or for a small fee, which can save you time and money.

When a temp phone number can be useful?

Possible applications of temporary telephone numbers:

  • Remain anonymous. Knowing a phone number makes it easy to get personal information about its owner, such as name, passport number and place of residence. By using temporary numbers to receive SMS, confidential information can be avoided.
  • Bypass country restrictions. Some sites do not allow users from certain countries to register, and messages from service providers may not reach recipients in other countries. In such cases, using temporary numbers to receive SMS codes can be useful.
  • Create multiple accounts for different purposes. It is often necessary to provide a mobile number to register on websites, and only one account can be registered to one number. Using virtual numbers, you can create an unlimited number of social media profiles, which is useful for webmasters, SMM specialists who use profiles as tools for work and business promotion.
  • Protection from scammers. Some sites require a phone number to download files without a speed limit, but this can lead to the activation of paid services and subscriptions. You can use disposable temporary numbers to avoid this risk.
  • Receiving discounts and participating in events. Many services and online shops offer gifts and discounts in exchange for a phone number which you need to verify via SMS. Virtual numbers for online texting allow you to receive an unlimited number of bonuses.

How to get a temporary phone number for SMS?

The SMS-man platform is a popular option for creating temporary phone numbers and is very easy to use. This resource has the most extensive database of temporary phone numbers from 150 different countries.

Detailed instructions on how to obtain a virtual phone number using the SMS-man service:

  1. Create an account at sms-man.com or use a quick registration via your social media account;
  2. Find the “Top-up” button on the left side menu and deposit the required amount for the purchase;
  3. Choose one of the countries and the desired service on the home page. Then click the “Buy” button next to the selected service;
  4. The phone number will be added to your request history, at the bottom of the home page;
  5. Copy it and use it to sign up for the service of your choice;
  6. After the verification code is sent to your phone number, go back to the SMS-man website and click on the button next to your phone number “Receive SMS”;
  7. Use the verification code you received to complete the registration.

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