All Ways to Obtain Cyprus Citizenship in 2023

All Ways to Obtain Cyprus Citizenship in 2023

The term “powerful passport” was recently introduced. It refers to the fact that the holder has many options. It is evaluated based on the benefits that are available to the holder. Because of these benefits, many entrepreneurs want to know how to become a powerful passport holders.

Attention is drawn to those offers that do not require a waiver of the previous passport. Unique programs that are presented for study are in demand. One striking example is the Cyprus Permanent Residence. It arouses interest due to its apparent features:

  • high quality of life;
  • quality education;
  • unique business opportunities.

If you are interested in at least one advantage, it is worth studying the opinion of Imin Malta specialist Victor Awunudo. Expert advice will help you choose the right option and use the documents to achieve the desired result.

Ways to obtain Cyprus Citizenship

Special programs allow foreigners to apply for second citizenship. However, only adult applicants can apply. Therefore, all available options are worth exploring to meet the other requirements and become a full-fledged Cypriot. The good news is that there are several of them.

Citizenship by Birth

It is one of the easiest ways to obtain the desired status. According to the current legislation, it is possible to become a citizen if at least one of the conditions is met:

  • your parents (or one of them) is a citizen of Cyprus;
  • you were born into a Cypriot family inside and outside the country;
  • you have proof that your parents are Cypriot citizens.

Collecting documents and submitting a package to the Department takes minimal time. But it is often impossible to take advantage of the simplified procedure. As a result, most applicants get Cyprus citizenship by other means.

Citizenship by Descent

Foreigners who can prove that they are related to Cypriots are entitled to apply for documents. First, however, they must prepare the official proof and submit an application to the consulate. This path requires the assistance of lawyers or other professionals familiar with the types’ specifics.

Citizenship by Marriage

Before applying, it is worth paying attention to the country’s conditions. The Cypriot law states that those categories of people who can become permanent residents :

  • have an official marriage with a Cypriot man more than two years ago;
  • live in the country for two years or more;
  • have submitted a cover letter listing valid reasons for not complying with the last requirement.

Certified copies of the marriage certificate are submitted to several Departments. In this way, the applicant confirms the eligibility requirements and the existence of a formal family relationship with a Cypriot. Therefore, it is impossible to submit the application before the expiry of the applicable time limits, and this condition is considered in the first place.

Citizenship by Investment

The Golden Visa program is also available for those who want to get a passport from Cyprus. Foreigners are offered several options, and the cost is from 300 thousand euros. Investors get the opportunity to become complete residents of the country by investing in the following:

  • residential real estate;
  • commercial real estate;
  • Cypriot company or the creation of a new one;
  • special state funds.

Information about each method includes not only the amount of investment but also other conditions. Therefore, if you are interested in obtaining Cyprus citizenship, it is worth contacting the specialists of the Immigrant Invest agency.

Citizenship by Naturalization

Adult foreigners are granted residency if several conditions are met. According to the current regulations, it is necessary to:

  • legally reside in Cyprus for seven years;
  • provide information about the absence of criminal records;
  • not to leave the country for one year.

Children or parents of a Cypriot can also apply and go through the path of naturalization. In this case, the period of residence will be five years.

Benefits of Cyprus Citizenship

Foreigners are motivated to obtain second citizenship in several ways. First, the passport is notable for its affordable price. In addition, investors can include their family members in the application. Second, citizenship in Cyprus means citizenship in an EU country, and this cannot be ignored.

Other benefits deserve no less attention from foreigners. So, getting a Cyprus passport is worthwhile for the following reasons:

  1. Free movement. Travel becomes easy and affordable. Visa documents are not required to visit the EU and other countries.
  2. Quality of Life. The healthcare and education systems are highly commendable. If you intend to secure your future, Cyprus has everything you need.
  3. The taxation system. The payment of taxes deserves special attention. Favorable tax rates and the ability to scale the business attract investors.

Social security also stands out favorably. All passport holders are insured, which means they receive guaranteed benefits upon retirement.


There are several ways to obtain citizenship so that one can choose the best option. First, it is possible to contact a specialized company and ask questions that will reveal the available options to do this. Quality support and professional opinion will help one become a citizen of Cyprus and benefit from the decision. Contact only professionals for prompt and high-quality resolution of issues.

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