The cast of Ghosts television show!

The cast of Ghosts television show!

Welcome to the spooky world of Ghosts, a popular television show that has captured the hearts of many viewers around the globe. The show centers around Samantha “Sam” Arondekar and her husband Jay, who inherit an old mansion that’s home to a group of eccentric ghosts from different eras. Each character brings unique quirks and personalities to the table, making Ghosts one of the most entertaining supernatural comedies on TV right now. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at each cast member who makes this show so memorable!

Rose McIver as Samantha “Sam” Arondekar

Rose McIver plays the lead character of Samantha “Sam” Arondekar, a struggling freelance journalist who inherits an old mansion from her great-uncle. Sam is portrayed as a relatable and down-to-earth character who finds herself in absurd situations due to her ability to see ghosts.

McIver’s performance in Ghosts is noteworthy for its balance between humor and emotion. She masterfully portrays Sam’s frustration with the ghosts’ antics while also showing compassion towards them.

One of the most endearing aspects of Sam’s character is her relationship with her husband Jay, played by Utkarsh Ambudkar. The chemistry between McIver and Ambudkar adds another layer of depth to their characters’ interactions.

Rose McIver shines in her role as Samantha “Sam” Arondekar in Ghosts. Her natural charm and range as an actress make it easy for viewers to root for her character throughout each episode.

Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jay Arondekar

Utkarsh Ambudkar plays the role of Jay Arondekar in the television show “Ghosts.” Jay is Samantha’s husband, who died tragically while trying to fix a light fixture. After his death, Jay becomes a ghost haunting the mansion along with other ghosts.

Ambudkar is an American actor known for his roles in Pitch Perfect and The Mindy Project. He was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, to Indian parents.

In “Ghosts,” Ambudkar delivers solid comedy timing and chemistry with Rose McIver’s character Samantha. His character is often seen trying to impress Sam or cracking jokes that don’t land well with her.

Jay’s backstory adds depth to Ambudkar’s performance as he portrays a hard-working man who had big plans for him and Sam before his untimely death. Utkarsh Ambudkar brings energy and humor into every scene he appears on screen as Jay Arondekar.

Brandon Scott Jones as Captain Isaac Higgintoot

Brandon Scott Jones plays Captain Isaac Higgintoot in the television show Ghosts. Captain Higgintoot is a former sea captain who died while trying to find treasure on his ship. He now haunts the mansion where Samantha and Jay Arondekar live.

Jones brings a comedic flair to the role of Captain Higgintoot, with his over-the-top mannerisms and exaggerated facial expressions. His character often clashes with Sam, who he sees as an unworthy successor to his beloved ship.

One of the funniest scenes involving Captain Higgintoot is when he tries to teach Sam how to be a proper captain. Despite her protests, he insists on drilling her on nautical terms and making her wear a ridiculous sailor’s hat.

Jones’ performance as Captain Isaac Higgintoot adds an extra layer of hilarity to an already funny show. He brings energy and enthusiasm to every scene he’s in, making him one of the standout characters in Ghosts.

Danielle Pinnock as Alberta Haynes

Danielle Pinnock plays the role of Alberta Haynes in the television show Ghosts. Alberta is a quirky and endearing character who died in 1953 during her own surprise party. Despite being dead, she remains upbeat and optimistic, always looking on the bright side of things.

Pinnock brings a unique energy to the role of Alberta, infusing her with humor and charm that makes her one of the standout characters on the show. Her ability to deliver comedic timing is impressive, making viewers laugh out loud at every turn.

One particularly memorable moment for Alberta was when she attempted to teach Sam how to dance using an old record player. The scene was hilarious but also heartwarming as we see these two very different characters connect over their shared love for dancing.

Danielle Pinnock’s portrayal of Alberta adds a delightful layer of comedy and heart to Ghosts. Her infectious personality is contagious and leaves audiences wanting more from this lovable ghost character.

Richie Moriarity as Pete Martino

Richie Moriarity plays the role of Pete Martino in the television show Ghosts. He is an ambitious and competitive character who always tries to outdo his fellow ghost friends. Despite being dead, he still yearns for success and recognition.

Pete’s backstory reveals that he was a lawyer before passing away. In several episodes, he showcases his legal expertise by providing advice to other ghosts or manipulating situations in his favor.

Moriarity portrays Pete’s character with great enthusiasm and energy, making him one of the most memorable characters in the show. His comedic timing is spot-on, adding to the humor and charm of each episode.

One of Pete’s defining traits is his love for money and material possessions. He often uses his knowledge from his previous life as a lawyer to come up with schemes for financial gain.

Richie Moriarity brings life to Pete Martino’s character through impeccable acting skills and comedic timing. His performance has made him a fan favorite among viewers of Ghosts Television Show.

Asher Grodman as Trevor Lefkowitz

Asher Grodman plays the character of Trevor Lefkowitz in Ghosts, a television show that has been gaining popularity for its unique storyline and talented cast.

Trevor is a former Wall Street banker who met an unfortunate end during his day job. Now he haunts the property with the rest of the ghosts, trying to figure out how to move on while dealing with their own personal issues.

Grodman brings life to this character by portraying him as a type-A personality who cannot let go of his past life and constantly tries to control everything around him. He captures Trevor’s anxiety and frustration beautifully, making it easy for viewers to empathize with his situation.

As a relatively new face in Hollywood, Asher Grodman’s portrayal of Trevor adds depth and humor necessary for any good sitcom-style series like Ghosts. His performance has quickly made him stand out among other members of the cast.

Asher Grodman’s acting skills are showcased well in Ghosts through his dynamic portrayal of Trevor Lefkowitz – creating another memorable addition to an already impressive ensemble cast.

Sheila Carrasco as Susan “Flower” Montero

Sheila Carrasco plays the role of Susan “Flower” Montero, a former hippie and flower child who died in the 1960s. Flower is now one of the ghosts residing in Button House, which serves as the setting for Ghosts.

Flower’s character is known for her free-spirited nature and love for all things natural. She often wears flowy clothing and accessories such as flowers or headbands that add to her bohemian vibe.

Despite being a ghost, Flower remains optimistic about life (or rather death) and always sees the good in people. This makes her character both endearing and relatable to viewers.

Carrasco brings an infectious energy to Flower’s character, making it easy to see why she quickly became a fan favorite among Ghosts’ audience. Her comedic timing coupled with her ability to bring depth to Flower’s personality has made for some truly memorable moments on screen.

Sheila Carrasco does an excellent job portraying Susan “Flower” Montero on Ghosts – one that will surely leave audiences wanting more from this talented actress.

Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn

Devan Chandler Long plays the lovable but somewhat clueless Thorfinn on the hit show Ghosts. As a former Viking warrior, Thorfinn is often seen dressed in his traditional garb and carrying around his trusty battle axe.

Despite being dead for centuries, Thorfinn still possesses a strong sense of honor and duty, which sometimes leads him into comical situations. He also has an affinity for modern technology, often marveling at things like smartphones and televisions.

Thorfinn’s character provides an interesting dynamic to the group of ghosts residing in Button House. While he may not always understand their modern ways or language, he brings a unique perspective to their experiences as ghosts from different time periods.

Long’s portrayal of Thorfinn is both endearing and hilarious. His comedic timing and physical humor bring life to the character, making him one of the most beloved members of the cast. Fans can’t help but root for this bumbling yet charming Viking ghost as he navigates through his afterlife adventures with his fellow spirits.

The cast of Ghosts television show

The cast of Ghosts television show

The cast of Ghosts television show

Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty Woodstone

Rebecca Wisocky plays the role of Hetty Woodstone in the hit television show, Ghosts. Hetty is a ghost from the 1920s and was once a famous actress on Broadway.

As a character, Hetty is known for her dramatic flair and diva personality. She often clashes with other ghosts in the show, especially Alberta Haynes played by Danielle Pinnock.

Rebecca Wisocky brings incredible energy to her portrayal of Hetty. Her performance is both lively and charismatic, making it easy to see why she was such a successful actress in life.

One of the most interesting things about Rebecca’s performance as Hetty is how she captures both sides of the character’s personality – her confident stage presence as well as her vulnerability as a new ghost trying to navigate this strange afterlife world.

Rebecca Wisocky’s portrayal of Hetty Woodstone adds depth and humor to an already fantastic cast on Ghosts.

Román Zaragoza as Sasappis/”Sass”

Román Zaragoza plays the role of Sasappis, or “Sass” as he is affectionately called by his fellow ghostly roommates. Sass is an eccentric and flamboyant character who was once a drag queen in the 1960s. He brings a lot of energy to the show with his hilarious one-liners and musical performances.

Sass may be one of the newer ghosts in the house, having only died in 2006, but he is already a fan favorite. With his vibrant personality and colorful outfits, it’s hard not to love him.

What makes Sass even more interesting is that he often clashes with Captain Higgintoot due to their differing personalities. While Higgintoot is serious and uptight, Sass loves to have fun and express himself freely.

Román Zaragoza does a fantastic job bringing Sass to life on screen. His performance adds another layer of humor and entertainment value to an already great cast of characters on the Ghosts television show.

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Final Notes

The cast of Ghosts television show is an incredibly talented and diverse group of actors who bring a unique energy and humor to the supernatural comedy series. From Rose McIver’s charming portrayal of Samantha “Sam” Arondekar to Utkarsh Ambudkar’s hilarious antics as Jay, each member of the cast adds their own special touch to the show.

Brandon Scott Jones’ deadpan delivery as Captain Isaac Higgintoot, Danielle Pinnock’s sassy wit as Alberta Haynes, Richie Moriarity’s lovable goofiness as Pete Martino, Asher Grodman’s nerdy charm as Trevor Lefkowitz, Sheila Carrasco’s quirky personality as Susan “Flower” Montero, Devan Chandler Long’s Viking warrior Thorfinn and Rebecca Wisocky’s elegant performance as Hetty Woodstone all add up to create a truly memorable ensemble.

Moreover, Román Zaragoza delivers an impressive performance in his dual role playing Sasappis/”Sass”. His character is one of the most fascinating characters on this show with its rich Indian cultural references blended with ghostly elements.

Ghosts has quickly become a fan favorite due in large part to its exceptional cast. Each actor brings something unique and entertaining to the respective roles that make us fall deeper into love with them every time we watch it!

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