What Are the Basic Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities in Rental Property

What Are the Basic Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities in Rental Property

If you are a landlord in Los Angeles, you would be relieved to know that maintenance is not the sole responsibility of you and your property manager. Some of the maintenance responsibilities lie on the shoulders of your tenants. Landlords have to take care of major repair issues, but there are some types of repairs that have to be looked after by the tenants.

Your tenants are required to remove trash and debris from their homes and the common areas of the building. They need to keep all common areas and units in a clean manner. Tenants have to make sure that not just plumbing fixtures but also the heating and air conditioning units are used and maintained properly. They have to change the air filters in the HVAC until and also report any leaks to the landlord in a timely manner. Similarly, the replacement of fused light bulbs, water filters, and batteries of the smoke alarm has to be reported timely by the tenants. In some cases, even landscaping is left to tenants but we highly recommend that the landlord pays for landscaping and pool maintenance in order to avoid major expenses.

If any fixture gets broken or damaged because of improper use, the responsibility for its repair or replacement lies upon the tenants. If the fixture broke because of normal wear and tear, its replacement has to be carried out by the landlord. It goes without saying that heating and air conditioning units can develop snags if they are not used with care. Their long life and optimal performance is dependent upon their proper use and care.

It is in the interest of tenants to comply with all the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease agreement with their landlord. Those who behave irresponsibly to cause damage to the property of the landlord are shocked to learn that the deposit they made upfront has been taken by the landlord. You can also require Renter’s Insurance prior to the move-in to prevent liability for any major unforeseeable accidents such as roof leaks, pipes busted, or major repairs which result in relocation fees, personal damage, etc.

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