Can You Trust Essay Writing Services?

Can You Trust Essay Writing Services?

Writing essays can be daunting for students, especially when juggling multiple assignments, deadlines, and other responsibilities. It reaches a point where one considers seeking writing assistance from an online essay service. But can you trust online essay writing companies to deliver good quality work? How do you know that a service is reliable and can offer you value for money? Well, this text aims to help you understand more about essay services, including how to determine whether one can be trusted.

Why Do Students Turn to Essay Writing Services?

Students have different reasons for choosing to delegate their assignments to online professionals. Through the years, the most common ones we’ve discovered are:

  • Procrastination and lack of time – students sometimes have too much work and little time to complete it. It can be due to procrastination or having too many responsibilities on top of academics.
  • Lack of skills – some students struggle with writing, specifically in selecting topics, making arguments flow logically, structuring essays, and formatting. So, essay services provide the opportunity to submit a good paper.
  • Lack of interest – if you find the topic or subject of your essay boring or irrelevant, you are more likely to hire a writer to complete it on your behalf.
  • Lack of resources – some books, journals, or databases are challenging to acquire or access, and they might be important to support a student’s arguments. So, students are likely to hire professionals who probably have these resources.

Sometimes it is about confidence. Some individuals struggle with low self-esteem or anxiety and doubt their abilities, including writing essays. All these students are inclined to seek professional assistance to save or maintain their grades, and online services might be their best chance. But can you trust them?

Pros and Cons of Online Essay Services

Essay writing services can be lifesavers for students but also involve some risks. But first, let’s explore the positives:

  • Students can beat tight deadlines – sometimes, you might not have what it takes to complete a paper on time, and an essay service can get it done to ensure you submit it on time.
  • Quality work – essay services can produce quality even in the most complex tasks.
  • Saves you time – you create time to handle other vital responsibilities by delegating some writing tasks.
  • Students can learn from the work – professional writers can pass on important knowledge through the delivered assignments, and students can learn to improve.

So what are the downsides? The only downside you have to worry about is an essay service becoming a scam. Students who trust the wrong sites pay for it by receiving poor-quality essays, plagiarized content, or worse, not receiving anything and realizing they’ve been duped. It’s thus essential to conduct some due diligence when looking to buy cheap essays. A few minutes of research can help you identify legitimate services from the undesirables.

Should You Trust Essay Writing Services?

Not all of them. Understand that, like any other business; there will be illegitimate firms waiting to prey on unsuspecting customers. The good news is there is a way to identify legitimate services. It is by establishing criteria and assessing a service you are curious about to see whether they meet it. Here are elements to evaluate in your criteria.


Paper quality should be your most important concern when ordering essays online. You need to be confident the task will be written by a professional with a degree from a reputable university and sufficient knowledge in the field. You can assess quality by reviewing the samples a site offers to see what their writers are capable of.


You should not pay too much for essays as a student. Also, you should avoid online writing essays that charge too high—research several sites to identify the average pricing of papers and identify companies that offer further discounts. However, beware of services that offer unreasonably low prices.

Customer Support

A company’s customer support can tell a lot about how they treat their clients. When interested in a particular service, contact customer support and ask questions. Note how long they take to respond, whether the responses are comprehensive, and whether you can contact them anytime. Try to reach them at night or early in the morning. Reputable services usually offer full-time customer support.

Access to Your Writer

Some excellent essay services allow clients to contact their writers directly. They are the ones you should go for. It offers you an avenue to have any questions answered so that when you buy a term paper, you are confident it is in safe hands.


How well do they protect your data? You should be able to feel safe when ordering from an essay company. It means you must choose a company that guarantees complete anonymity and does not share private information with third parties. It will ensure there’s no chance you will get in trouble with your college or instructor.

Money-Back Policy

Any essay service you should trust must protect its clients by offering financial guarantees. A money-back guarantee ensures you will get a full refund in case the service fails to deliver the work on time or if the work does not meet the requirements or quality standards. Lean towards services that offer free revisions for papers.


Learn from other people’s experiences with a specific essay service. Some services tend to post customer reviews to help clients with their decisions. However, nowadays, onsite reviews tend to be watered down, so lean toward customer reviews on other sites.


Trusting a stranger with an academic task can be difficult, but sometimes there is no other option. You cannot trust all essay services, but some are genuinely there to help struggling students complete their tasks. Use the above criteria to identify services you can rely on and learn to trust your gut. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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