Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Node.js

Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Node.js

Node.js is an increasingly popular development framework among modern developers. Recently, its internal package manager broke an important record: it now features beyond 2 million packages. No other platforms have so many modules within them. In this article, we’ll look at its advantages and disadvantages. The reasons for the popularity of Node.js are also a part of the discussion. As you’ll see, its backend capabilities and the asynchronous event-driven architecture are essential for many developers. If you’re interested in the services of a Node.js development company, here’s an interesting link for you: https://keenethics.com/services-web-development-node

The Advantages of Node.js

So, what are the advantages of Node.js that make it so popular among developers? Here are some of the key elements you should consider:

1) JavaScript backend development: JavaScript, upon its conception, was a scripting language aimed at the web. In reality, this platform is robust enough to create complex apps. Still, before Node.js, enabling JavaScript development outside the web was difficult. Node.js is notable for making JavaScript coding in the backend possible. Why is this so important? JavaScript developers finally get an opportunity to become full stack developers. This is the key reason for the platform’s popularity: it enables one to save funds on JavaScript experts.

2) Asynchronous single-threaded approach: another major advantage of Node.js is the asynchronous single-threaded framework it uses. Yes, complex calculations require multiple threads, but they’re difficult to make asynchronous. Node.js offers a perfect tool for small tasks with numerous connections. The asynchronous approach allows waking up only the elements necessary for a user, rather than the whole platform. This factor is the key reason why companies such as Netflix and Uber are actively using Node.js. Node.js is one of the most scalable platforms on the market.

3) Node Package Manager: as we’ve mentioned above, the so-called Node.js package manager features well over 2 million packages. This repository is the largest among all development platforms on the market. What does this mean? Firstly, Node.js has a great community that helps with many development problems. Secondly, you can find solutions and modules for every concern imaginable in the repository. If you need to integrate with other languages or create great user interfaces, NPM can provide you with some interesting solutions. The sheer simplicity of finding ready-made instruments is among the key reasons for Node.js’ popularity.

Disadvantages of Node.js

Node.js is also notable for some significant issues that can impede users. What are those? Let’s look!

1) Single-threaded approach limits productivity in complex tasks: yes, a single-threaded asynchronous framework makes Node.js scalable for small tasks. Companies and projects like Netflix and PayPal use it for a reason. Still, this positive side of Node.js also brings a major negative. What is it exactly? Node.js isn’t good at complex calculations. Tasks like 3D modeling or spreadsheet analysis require multiple threads. In this regard, Node.js can take too much time to calculate the relevant information due to using one thread. A complex calculation may disrupt the whole Node.js server. In this situation, Node.js is perfect only for a limited number of use cases.

2) Non-conventional approach to programming: a second problem of Node.js is that it isn’t easy to master. Learning the platform is indeed easy: to start it up, you have to know some basic Linux commands. Creating a project and even launching asynchronous functions isn’t difficult. What’s difficult about Node.js is the focus on outside-the-box thinking regarding code management. To optimize asynchronous events, you have to be attentive and understand the minute details of the framework.


To summarize, building web apps via Node.js is a potent idea. What’s the key reason to use the platform? You should use it if there’s a need for a scalable web development platform that works with many small tasks. Do you want to find an expert company for Node.js development? We have a great candidate for you to consider. Keenethics is a firm with eight years of experience and major knowledge of Node.js development. They’ve developed multiple products in the healthcare, education, and finance sectors using Node.js and other JavaScript frameworks.

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