Standard and Cascade Online Slots: The Difference Between Them

Standard and Cascade Online Slots: The Difference Between Them

Modern online slots come in all different types. Developers are fighting for the attention of gamblers, so they are always trying to come up with something new. One of these developments was the cascade function, which immediately became popular. Now there are many slots with it. How do they differ from the standard casino slots online and which of these two types is more advantageous — it is useful to know each player when choosing a slot for yourself.

The Principles of Combining Symbols in Online Slots

Every online slot has symbols — certain images. They only bring winnings if they create a combination. This process can happen in several ways: either if identical symbols appear on a line or If the same symbols appear the correct number of times anywhere on the field.

The paylines can come in many different forms. Most of the new online gambling slots offer a large number of lines, as this increases the frequency of payouts.

Standard Slots: What Are They?

Slots can be considered standard, where a single spin gives the player one win. This is usually the largest payout that is made on a line. There are slots where winnings on different lines add up, and there are those where only the largest payout is paid out. Either way, they will be considered standard online slots for real money.

Some slots also offer a respin after each winning spin. Such games can already be considered more lucrative.

There can be many variations of standard slots, but they all have one thing in common: once a winning combination has been formed, the symbols remain on the field. To renew the symbols, the player has to make a new spin.


This format has its advantages. These are:

  • The standard mechanics are reminiscent of one-armed bandits.
  • It is quite profitable online slots in Canada for real money.
  • The game is dynamic and not drawn out.
  • It is easy for a player to understand the rules and use the strategies.

In today’s market, it is the standard slots that take up the bulk of the market. They are the most popular because they are easier to develop and the providers are actively updating their game libraries.


However, there are some disadvantages to these slots. The mechanics are familiar, but many players are bored. Gamblers want to make more profits, so one win per spin is often not enough for them. It can also be noted that such online casino slots are often very similar to each other, which does not make the gaming experience diverse.

Cascade Slots: What Are They?

These slots differ from the previous ones in the way the combinations are put together. To start the reels, you still need to do a spin. However, after that, the course of the game develops differently. That is why slots with the cascade feature often end up on the list of the best online slots in Canada.

Cascade is often referred to as an avalanche. This format involves the free-falling of symbols after forming a winning combination. This means that the symbols that were involved in winning a spin disappear from the field. The free space is occupied by new symbols that fall from above like an avalanche.

After this fall, another winning combination may be created, causing the symbols to disappear again and freeing the cells for new ones. There is no limit to the number of such replays.

Thus, in a single spin in such Canadian online slots, the player can get amazing winnings.


This format brings new advantages to players. Among them:

  • The ability to play with a smaller bankroll.
  • The chance of triggering a bonus round increases.
  • The winnings increase on their own.
  • Each symbol drop is self-explanatory.

The player only pays for the first spin, and the slot does the rest for him. During the cascade, bonus symbols are possible, which adds even more excitement. If you want to play slots online for real money, this format will suit you.


Such slots are not always suitable for players. Some players don’t like the mechanics of the cascades, as they are more drawn out. Players who like to actively spin the reels cannot do so because they are waiting for the cascades to finish. There is no way to influence their speed in most slots.

Another disadvantage is that these slot machines tend to have quite high volatility. This means that during a playing session, there may be times when the winnings do not come for a long time.

Which Type of Online Slots Is the Best?

There is no concrete answer to this question, as every gambler has different needs and preferences. If you want more modern mechanics and more ways to win, then choose cascade slots. If you prefer standard slot machines, then choose them.

In slots, a lot depends on the extra features. A cascade game can be boring if it has few bonuses or an insufficiently flashy design. A good example of a successful slot with a cascading feature is Gonzo’s Quest. It’s not just the symbols that are constantly changing each other. After each cascade that brings a win, a constantly increasing multiplier is applied to it. For example, for the first cascade you will win x1, for the second — x2, and for the third — already x3. If you are looking for online slots to win real money, then look for similar games.

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