7 Home Services in Denver That You Should Have on Speed Dial

7 Home Services in Denver That You Should Have on Speed Dial

Owning a home is a great investment, but it comes with plenty of challenges. Emergency situations are bound to happen that you can’t deal with yourself. Whether it’s a downed tree or your furnace isn’t working in the middle of a cold Denver winter, you will want to know who to call.

Instead of frantically looking up and comparing companies in the middle of an emergency, add these seven home services to your speed dial so you know exactly who to call when something goes wrong.

Home Restoration Services

A home restoration company isn’t top-of-mind for most homeowners, but it should be. A restoration company in Denver can help with things like:

  • Water damage restoration after a flood by removing the water and drying out your home so drywall and other surfaces don’t grow mold.
  • Fire cleanup, which includes removing smoke and soot residue, as well as water and chemicals left behind by firefighters.
  • Mold remediation, which includes a comprehensive mold assessment, cleanup, and removal.
  • Asbestos and lead testing for older homes, which is especially important if you’re planning a remodel or renovation.

Landscaping and Snow Removal

Even if you have plans to do your own landscaping and snow removal, it’s still a good idea to have a company you can call, just in case.

For example, if you plan on going on vacation, a landscaping company can mow the lawn and clear your driveway of snow while you’re gone so it still looks like someone is home.

They can be helpful in emergency situations too. If your lawnmower or snow blower breaks, you can call them to take care of your property while you work on getting a repair or a replacement.


Trees can enhance your property, but they can also pose a safety hazard. They require regular maintenance and care so they don’t injure your family or your home.

There are a few signs that the tree in your yard could pose a danger. Look for:

  • Cracks in the trunk
  • Hollow spots or decay
  • Mushrooms growing directly out of the bark
  • Heavy leaning
  • Limbs that are dangerously close to power lines
  • Branches that hang over your house

If you’re unsure about a tree in your yard, you should call an arborist. They can inspect your tree and tell you whether it needs to be trimmed, removed, or left alone.

They can help after a storm by trimming hanging branches, but they can also maintain your trees. With the proper trimming, your trees can provide you and your neighborhood with years of enjoyment.


Pests can wreak havoc on your home. Termites are dreaded by all homeowners, as are bedbugs, but there are a lot of critters that can cause problems. Whether it’s bats in the attic, birds nesting in your fascia, or a fly infestation, there are a lot of animals that can make living life in your home uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

Most homeowners who attempt to take care of the problem aren’t able to fix it in the long run. The cockroaches, mice, and flies always seem to return. You don’t have to take care of the problem on your own if you have an exterminator on speed dial.

HVAC Company

One of the most important home services to have on speed dial when you live in Denver is an HVAC company. Winters can get cold and summers can get hot, so making sure your furnace and AC units are running is extremely important.

Although it may be tempting to try and fix it yourself, it’s much better to hire a professional. They can assess your system and find exactly what’s wrong with it so you aren’t stuck fixing one thing only to have another thing break.

HVAC companies are in high demand in the winter and summer, so it’s helpful to know who you’re going to call if there’s a problem. That way you aren’t left scrambling to find someone to work on your heater in the middle of February.

Plumbing Company

Water damage is one of the worst things that could happen to your home. Not only can it destroy your belongings, it can also destroy walls, the floor, and your roof. If not dealt with properly, it can cause mold.

The best way to prevent water damage to your home is to have a plumber on speed dial. Give them a call at the first sign of a leak so they can fix it right. They can also inspect your system and recommend any replacements that should be made in order to prevent a leak from springing up in the future.

Have a clogged drain? Don’t snake it or use Drano! If you do, the problem is likely to come back. Call your plumber and they can fix it for good.

Tech Support

Our lives are more technologically driven than ever before, but what do you do if your internet isn’t working or you can’t get your computer to turn on?

Don’t go down a Google rabbit hole trying to figure out who to call in order to fix your problem. Do some research upfront so you know who to call for support depending on what you’re having trouble with.

For example, you’ll want to add your internet service provider’s number to your phone so you know who to call when you have connectivity issues. You might sign up for a tech service that can help you with your computer remotely, or you could look for an in-home tech support service that makes house calls. With their numbers already in your phone, you’ll know exactly who to call at the first sign of trouble.

Don’t wait until there’s an emergency before you hop on Google and frantically look for someone to help you with your problem. Get ahead of any potential issues and add important numbers to your phone before disaster strikes. You’ll get the service you need, and you’ll be less stressed about getting it.

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