The Benefits of a Salesforce Phone Integration

The Benefits of a Salesforce Phone Integration

Salesforce is an enterprise CRM platform that enables businesses to manage their customer lifecycles in one place. It also has several applications integrated into it. You can integrate your Aircall VOIP phone system with Salesforce to perform some tasks automatically. Let’s explore the benefits.

Automated Call Logging

One of the great features of Salesforce software is call logging. When Salesforce is integrated with Aircall, it makes a log of the calls made on the system. Most sales teams have to manually log calls or enter call-related data into the software. With integration, the process is speedy and almost effortless, and the team can focus on other tasks.

Another advantage of automated call logging is that there are few errors in data entry. The system captures the critical data automatically. So, it is devoid of errors and omissions found in manual entries.

Salesforce Call Routing

A company can have sales team members with different characteristics. They could be in different locations, some more experienced than others, and some assigned to specific accounts or products. Getting a customer’s call to the right team member is usually a challenge. So, the caller has to be transferred from one agent to another.

Fortunately, Aircall has a call routing feature that enables team leaders to route calls to specific customer agents based on certain criteria. When Aircall is integrated with Salesforce, you can route calls to the most qualified person, the agent who is near the client or who deals with such accounts. When the most qualified person handles a customer’s call, there is a greater opportunity for better customer satisfaction and higher close rates.

Ease of Making Calls

When you integrate Salesforce with the phone system, you are able to make outbound calls straight from the software dashboard. Your team does not need to keep searching and writing down the numbers to call. Aircall’s power dialer automatically pulls them and presents them for calling. This feature works with both mobile devices and desk phones. It saves time and reduces errors along the way.

Automated Caller Information Search

If you have communicated with a caller in the past, the information is likely already in Salesforce. You would want the team member who talks to the client to have all the information regarding the customer’s history, name, location, past inquiries, and any other relevant information.

When you integrate the phone system with Salesforce, the call pops up on the screen with all the information that has been stored about the customer. The customer service agent can make the best response as they have enough data about the customer. This helps in providing the best possible service.

Track KPIs

It is important that you check and track the results of your sales team. Besides, the rise of remote and telecommuting jobs makes it important to keep track of each agent in a distributed workforce setup. Fortunately, Salesforce has several in-built dashboards that can help create individual agent performance reports in real-time.

When you integrate Aircall with Salesforce, you are able to tell how many calls each agent made, the length of each call, the number of inbound calls, and the data the agent collected in each. Sales managers can use this data to ascertain the performance of their sales teams and make changes where necessary.

Integrate Aircall VoIP with Salesforce

Enjoy the benefits of Aircall and Salesforce all at once by integrating them. Aircall enables you to pull out data and use it for your call, while Salesforce captures important information during a call. Using them together makes your salesforce more effective, enables fast achievement of your goals, reduces errors, and helps you capture important data for decision-making. Make the smart move today!

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