Our Tips for the 2024 Super Rugby Pacific Season

Our Tips for the 2024 Super Rugby Pacific Season

The Super Rugby Pacific Season is a men’s professional rugby club competition involving a total of 12 teams from New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and Fiji.

The current reigning champions are the Crusaders, who beat the Chiefs 25-20 in the final in June 2023. The upcoming 2024 Super Rugby Pacific season is scheduled to get underway in February 2024, and here are a few top tips for who might come out on top next year.

Outright winner tips for the 2024 Super Rugby Pacific season

Although it’s still far too early to tell who might win the 2024 Super Rugby Pacific season, we are still fairly certain that the current reigning champions, the Crusaders, will have another fantastic season and could come out on top again.

The best thing to do would be to look at the latest odds at today’s most trusted sports betting sites. Here are a few possible outcomes of which team will most likely win the title next season.

We have included the three different odds formats (decimal, fractional, and American/moneyline) and the implied probability rate (IPR) attached to these odds:

  • Crusaders –currently the odds-on favourite to win the season outright. If you can find a licensed online bookmaker currently taking bets for this particular bet type, you would be looking at average odds of around 2.6 (decimal), 8/5 (fractional), and +160 (American/moneyline). If you look at these odds in terms of the implied probability rate, it means the Crusaders have around  38.50% chance of winning again next season
  • Blues – for the Blues to win, you’re probably looking at average odds of around 3.2, 11/5, or +220, with a 31.30% IPR
  • Chiefs – approximately 4.5, 7/2, or +350, with a 22.20% IPR
  • Hurricanes – approximately 8.00, 7/1, or +700, with a 12.50% IPR

The other teams that are far less likely to win the title are the Brumbies (12.00), Highlanders (16.00), Reds (16.00), Waratahs (32.00), Fijan Drua (65.00), western Force (101.00), Melbourne Rebels (101.00), and Moana Pasifika (151.00).

Have the fixtures been released yet?

Yes. For example, in round 1 on Friday, February 23rd, 2024, the Chiefs play the Crusaders at the FMG Stadium Waikato, and the Melbourne Rebels play ACT Brumbies at AAMI Park.

The following day, Western Force play the Hurricanes at HBF Park, the Blues play Fijian Drua (venue TBA), the Highlanders play Moana Pasifika at the Forsyth Barr Stadium, and the Queensland Reds play the NSW Waratahs at the Suncorp Stadium.

In Round 2, which gets underway on Friday, March 1st, the Highlanders play the Blues at AAMI Park, and the Melbourne Rebels play Western Force at the same venue, but after the previous game ends.

On Saturday, March 2nd, Moana Pasifika play Fijian Drua at AAMI Park, and then after this game has ended, the Hurricanes play Queensland Reds on the same pitch.

Are there any other rugby events to bet on today?

There’s still time to place a bet on the 2023 Rugby World Cup – one of the world’s biggest sports events. However, by the time you are reading these words, the event is likely to have already finished.

If you are reading this in time, you have the first semi-final between Argentina and New Zealand on October 20th, which is followed by the second semi-final between England and South Africa on October 21st. The final will take place on October 28th, and it will be played by the winners of the two semi-finals.

South Africa are the odds-on favourite team to win the 2023 Rugby World Cup final outright. New Zealand are the second favourite to win.

When you look at the latest average odds, you will see that South Africa (the Springboks) are currently priced at around 1.95 in the decimal odds format, meaning there’s a 51.30% implied probability rate (IPR) of them winning.

If you prefer seeing the odds in the fractional odds format, 1.95 is the same as 19.20, and in the American/moneyline odds format, 1.95 is the same as -105.

If you were to place a bet on New Zealand (the All Blacks) to win right now, you would be looking at average decimal odds of around 2.20 (6/5 in fractions and +120 in American/moneyline), meaning the All Blacks have a 45.50% IPR of winning the world cup this year.

Don’t forget that betting odds can change at any time and that anything can happen in rugby to upset the implied outcome of a game.

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